Thursday, May 31, 2012

girl talk

Tonight, Kendra, invited me over for a girls night to watch The Bachelorette with her friends. I can not tell you how good it was to be around girls. I can only take so much hockey and baseball and boy conversation topics. Living with 2 boys is a lot more intense than just 1 boy.Tonight was just what I needed. We made fun of all the bachelors, ate good food, drank good wine, and spent at least 30 minutes talking about all the trashy reality TV shows we watch. 

Thanks Kendra for including me. 

I also made these Skinnytaste Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes... I love her skinny recipes, makes it feel okay to eat more than one!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

one year of doing it.

My dearest love,
Can you believe it has been a year since we got hitched and danced the night away (you ripped your pants from extreme dancing which makes it all that much more awesome). We have had quite the year with some difficult challenges, including moving to 3 different states, but if it means being with you then I would move anywhere. You make me happier than I ever thought possible. I love you and am so excited for the next 100 years together. 


Monday, May 28, 2012

celebrating us

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is Tuesday but since Marshall has to work we celebrated it this weekend. My parents so kindly booked us a hotel room for the night so we could be alone...

Disadvantage to having a roommate while being newlyweds... you can't just do it whenever/wherever. You have to be a lot more cautious... 
So we gladly accepted their gift of privacy!

Our hotel was downtown Denver and parking at the hotel was $29 a night! I was not about to pay that considering we live 20 minutes away so I pulled the "it's our 1 year anniversary" line and they gave it to us for free! Score!

When we check in I mentioned again "it's our 1 year anniversary" and they upgraded us to a "mountain view" room and said they would send something up to our room.... Score again!
See the mountains...

There was also a complimentary "managers reception" aka, free drinks and apps.
So we sat there and enjoyed a beverage before heading to dinner. Score again!
(and Kendra pointed out that it looks like someone is swimming in the wine. not even planned!)

 After, we headed to dinner.
The only picture we took... self picture in an elevator. Fail.

We went to a fancy place, and by fancy I mean the lighting was really low, there were multiple wine glasses set on the table, and the wait staff was dressed in the same clothing. 
There also wasn't a hamburger or french fries on the menu.

They found out it was our anniversary and brought a hand written card over to our table.
It was a sweet little note inside saying congrats and blah blah. So thoughtful, but nothing for free. Well they didn't charge us for one small item, so we'll take it! Score again!

We rushed back to the hotel to catch the end of the Thunder/Spurs game.... sad game.
And found a note from the hotel saying there was a cheese tray in the refrigerator and a card.
This is what the card said...
They spelt anniversary wrong. Fail to them.
 It's the thought that counts right...

Why haven't I used this occasion before to get free stuff and attention?
Is it because I'm an honest person.... uhh.

It was a blast just walking around downtown being tourists, eating really good food, and celebrating each other. 

And a huge thanks to my parents for making it happen! Literally... "it" happened... TMI? 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

hike # 1

It was time for a hike and Saturday was the perfect day. We decided on Rocky Mountain National Park  for our hike location

Once we got there it was time to lather with sunscreen.
You're welcome, Mom!

Marshall enjoys lathering me with sunscreen...

We got our map on and hit the trail.

I will say that I really do enjoy hiking, but I'm in no way hardcore. 
I hike in Nikes...
Don't judge.

On to the hike.
This was my favorite view....

We found this beautiful waterfall
 Our attempt at a roommate pic.

 Our lunch spot destination was Fern Lake. It was actually more like linner... of course we had beers to drink when we got there. They were warm, so lucky for us there was snow near by so we could chill them!
Once we reached the lake we ate, took some pics, rested, and explored a little.
Marshall found a pair of red men's underwear in a tree.... I would love the story behind that find.

 It was getting dark so we headed back down the mountain.  My legs were so happy to be finish. They weren't prepared for a 10 mile hike.
I need to get back to spin class.

And Cathy.... I used your "hang your camera from your top" method. 
Along with my "Disney World" pose
So smart.


Friday, May 25, 2012

me and the boys

Our Memorial weekend is looking like it's going to be a fun busy weekend (Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary!) Which is a nice change from my normal week days... sitting alone watching internet TV.

Remember how we hung out with Andrew last weekend in Boulder? Well the other 2 Tower boys flew in for the weekend (have known these boys since I was 6 years old), so we drove up to Boulder to get our hang out on.

Just a warning, all of the pics are poor quality. Apparently we were in dark, blurry spaces all night... 

Here is Thomas. Going to be a senior in college, single, and is recently growing out his beard...

Andrew, 27-ish, rock climbing stud and has an "it's complicated" kind of world....
Matthew, 26, married to the coolest girl ever who I'm so mad had to work or else she would have been there with me.
See. We even took a faux-picture with her. Miss you Candy Pants!

Marshall and Andrew discussing dart strategy.

Marshall and Thomas loving each other.

Marshall and Matthew wearing their original wedding shoe attire.
Black dress shoes are so overrated for weddings.

We played a lot of darts
which I learned I rock at, despite what the boys say.

 And we tried to take some pictures.
 This is the only one I could get of the Tower boys and I.... typical.

And Marshall and I with our new roommate Marc.
It's blurry... my baby camera has been making everything blurry!

But the evening had to end sometime.
Goodbye my loooooveeeeee.
name that movie...

It was sooo fun hanging out with them for a few hours. It is a rare occasion when all the brothers are together AND then throw Marshall and I into the mix... shoot, what a party!

Until next time Jonas Brothers.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

my life is so exciting: i got a library card

When I moved to Philadelphia I got my first library card ever. Except when I was little and didn't know anything.

I got into reading when I got married, moved and had no friends within 100 miles (Valerie was the 100 mile mark, the rest were 1,000 away).

 I decided I was going to get a library card in every city we moved to.

And then we got to Phoenix and they charged you $40 if you weren't a resident. No thank you, Phoenix. I don't like reading that much.

Today I went and got my Colorado library card.
But all the books I want are out.
Isn't that life...

So now I need some recommendations. Preferably young adult novels. I like easy pool reads.
You have to start somewhere.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I would like to take a moment and remember something that was so near and dear to my heart that will be missed.


The network pulled the plug on this brilliantly (?) written teen drama.... again.

It was off the air for what felt like forever, then came back for a short season so really this is just twice as hard. Twice the blow. What a tease.

Last summer when Cathy came to visit we watched the first season on Netflix. Other than her, I didn't know another person that watched MIOBI. 
So it actually makes sense that it's canceled. I know Cathy is feeling the pain, we've already talked about it.

It wasn't a completely awful show...

DJ Tanner  was the good Christian role model for the girls, and even Stacey from The Babysitters Club  had a role this season as the nutritionist. ABC Family tried so hard, good eating habits AND a Christian with good morals who wouldn't have sex with the "hot" coach (he had awful hair). Come on network ratings!

Oh, but I'm going to miss these fake gymnast girls doing fake flips on my TV. We shared the same dream, being an olympic gymnast. I quit when I was younger, these girls just got canceled.


p.s. this post was half kidding and half totally serious. Don't judge me for my awesome television preferences. It gets better and worse from this.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

baby hair

I had to share this.  

My 2 and 1/2 year old nephew Jett knows how to facetime and Skype me. I answered the phone the other day and this is what I saw.
Jett with a ponytail. He's just so cute with a little ponytail.
A ponytail is better than what my mom and I did when we babysit him when he was younger. 

 But he is very much a boy.
He just has really good hair like his Uncle Marshall.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend # 1

Being our first weekend in Colorado you would think we would have been all about getting out there and exploring our new location. 
But we weren't. We were tired and lazy and just wanted to lounge around. I think we were still recovering from the move and it was cold (I really am missing hot hot hot). Plus our bed at this new house is so comfortable. I don't ever want to leave.

So Saturday day I didn't. Marshall never has time to just chill so we were taking full advantage.

But then we decided we should get out and be social. Marshall's friend and his wife live in south Denver so we met up with them for dinner.
It was my first Ethiopian food experience and it was a lot better than I thought. I kind of have an OCD thing about eating with my fingers and food texture but after I got over that I was into it.

We were still tired so we headed back to the house and watched the Thunder beat the Lakers with our roommate! Go Thunder!!!
Have I mentioned we have a roommate here? One of Marshall's classmates from Philadelphia is also doing his rotation at the same doctor's office so we decided to live together because it's a lot cheaper. I'm sure he will pop up on this blog. His name is Marc for future reference.
Poor guy has to deal with Marshall and I. He should talk to my aunt for tips.

On Sunday we woke up and went to a random church in Boulder (so hard trying to find a good church) and then met up with my friend Andrew, for lunch. We grew up together and he has been living here for 3 years so he showed us around like the locals do.
After lunch we walked around downtown and ended up in a toy store.

 And then the boys wanted to continue Sunday Funday and have a beverage.

Despite our laziness, it turned out to be a great weekend catching up with old friends!

Can't wait for more great weends.


Friday, May 18, 2012

recap time

I really can not believe that our time in PHX has come and gone. I was surprised by how much I loved  it and how sad I was to leave. Being a native Arizonan I knew it would be fun to be back where my entire family grew up and spent so many years. I just didn't expect to not want to leave.

So here is my 3 months in a nutshell. Or as my dear friend Megan said, from A to Z...

- I chopped my hair off right before driving to Phoenix.. not telling Marshall I was going to do so.
- I became a Downton Abbey fan and made a believer out of Marshall too.
- We ran out of gas and it was my first time.
- We joined the YMCA, took our first spin class and fell in love.
- I had my first junk yard experience.
- We discovered Original Burrito Company and will never be the same for it.
- Marshall took the first portion of his optometry board exam, 16 hours of testing!
- We drove to California for the first time and had so much fun in San Diego.
- My teeth twin had a baby!!
- HUNGER GAMES!!! That's all I need to say.
- We got lost hiking South Mountain and got killer burns.
- We went to our first trampoline park and partied like kids.
- We spent Easter in Tucson with family and friends!
- Marshall's parents came to visit and we spent an afternoon at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
- We did cacti interpretations at the Desert Botanical Gardens
- I went to the ER for the first time in my life.- 
-I saw an old lady wear a bra as a shirt.
- Megan came to visit and we went to the Grand Canyon!
- I channeled my inner Bear Grylls.
- We survived the Salt River float trip.
- I turned 26!
We are beyond grateful for my Aunt Nancy who gave up HER bedroom AND bathroom to us. We took over her house and she graciously let us! I think the reason I loved it so much in Phoenix was because I got to spend 3 months with her. Thank you auntie for everything! We love you!

We made great work friends turned real friends, found a church that we will continue to listen to online, and had a pretty cool roommate. Plus, we lived in a desert and Marshall saw a mountain lion in the neighborhood (I didn't, but that's awesome) 
ALL other rotations have a lot to live up to compared to this one.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

az to co

Well we made it to Colorado.
We took an extra day in our travels and I'm glad we did, or else we might not have made it.

We got a little late start due to having to make a pit stop at Uhaul to do this.

We decided we wanted to tow Marshall's car to mine so that we didn't have to drive alone. As if we don't spend enough time together...

We left town pretty early, but thanks to Phoenix traffic and highways being shut down we were stuck for a while. By the time we FINALLY got out of the city we realized we couldn't go very fast. Having a car attached to you does not help gas mileage or speed.

So we just took our time. 

We stopped at the Four Corners and what a stop it was.
 If you dare go to the bathroom in these.... good luck. I have gone a lot of places (China in general) but I was not about to step foot in that.

What an entrance. Look how happenin' this place is. Maybe there were 7 other people there too.

But here we are standing in 4 different states at once.
I'm still not sure how that works though.

 Marshall and I took semi awkward/inappropriate pics.
Not sure why.

 We were so sad to leave Arizona.

And while we were there my mom called to check on us. She asked where we were.
I replied with...


$3 well spent.

 We kept driving but we knew the mountains in Colorado were going to be a Biatch. Especially at night. So we made the decision to stay in Durango and just relax.
We ordered pizza and caught up on Revenge on the comp.

The next day we drove 7 hours to Denver.
We may have brought out leftover pizza and ate it for lunch in the car.

But we finally made it.
And it's cold here.
My blood thinned while living in the desert.

Next adventure, let's do this!