Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tower Tribute

In a few short days I will be in OKLAHOMA...for a few short days!!!
And no, I will not be at any OSU Homecoming festivities. If only I had a clone...

I will land in OK, but head to Texas to celebrate the marriage of 2 very important people.

If you know my parents then you know they have always had more of a social life than me. When we first moved to Oklahoma, I was in the first grade, we became friends with The Tower Family. Or as Cathy calls them, The Jonas Brothers. They have 3 boys--one a year older, one my age, and one four years younger. Now this is where I would post pictures of us all growing up together. But I'm not because I don't have those with me. So just imagine. 

This family was there for all of my memories growing up. We moved to Oklahoma, but we didn't have family there so our friends became that family. We have been together during birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, going away parties, holidays, weddings, and anything else you can think of, they have been there.

It always felt like I had 3 extra brothers. 3 extra people to be protective and look out for me. So of course I was also like their annoying sister who was just as protective. I was always the closest to Matthew, the one my age. 

And he is the one getting hitched, and the first in his family.

I first posted about his engagement here.
This is his fiancée Candace.

Being so close to Matthew it was important that Candace and I get along, we had to get along.  Strangely, Marshall and Matthew have only met once, this past August, but Marshall is tight with the Towers so we knew they would get along too.

Candace and I more than just get along. We talk at least once a week, and are constantly in text communications, write loooooong emails, and even send each other hand written notes.
Yes, it sometimes feels like Matthew doesn't exist. Kind of like in this picture :)      
She even drove 5 hours to our wedding with her future brother-in-law as her date. Matthew was still in Iraq during our wedding. 
(Pictured Here: Dad Tower, Bride Heidi, Mom Tower, Future Candace Tower, and Youngest Tower. She is going to bring some height and BLONDE to this family!)

I am soo glad that Matthew is marrying her. Because if he wasn't then we would have never met and that would be a shame.

 I couldn't be happier for the two of them and I cannot wait to celebrate all weekend with them! 

Welcome to the family Candace!
Because you aren't just marrying into his family. You are marrying into ALL of the crazy Stillwater families!


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wfayew said...

Weddings are so exciting! And you said two of these brothers are still single? Hmm... :)