Saturday, May 26, 2012

hike # 1

It was time for a hike and Saturday was the perfect day. We decided on Rocky Mountain National Park  for our hike location

Once we got there it was time to lather with sunscreen.
You're welcome, Mom!

Marshall enjoys lathering me with sunscreen...

We got our map on and hit the trail.

I will say that I really do enjoy hiking, but I'm in no way hardcore. 
I hike in Nikes...
Don't judge.

On to the hike.
This was my favorite view....

We found this beautiful waterfall
 Our attempt at a roommate pic.

 Our lunch spot destination was Fern Lake. It was actually more like linner... of course we had beers to drink when we got there. They were warm, so lucky for us there was snow near by so we could chill them!
Once we reached the lake we ate, took some pics, rested, and explored a little.
Marshall found a pair of red men's underwear in a tree.... I would love the story behind that find.

 It was getting dark so we headed back down the mountain.  My legs were so happy to be finish. They weren't prepared for a 10 mile hike.
I need to get back to spin class.

And Cathy.... I used your "hang your camera from your top" method. 
Along with my "Disney World" pose
So smart.


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