Thursday, March 15, 2012

airport blues.

I made it to Phoenix. 

This is how my morning went down.

4:30 am- alarm went off for my 8:20 am flight.
5:30 am- say bye to my mom,  my dad and I leave Stillwater for Tulsa (this is when I wish the airport was closer)
6:45 am- hugs and kisses to my dad, I go to check in. +side note, thanks again dad for waking up so early and driving!

Flying standby they give you a security pass to get through security and at the gate they give you a boarding pass. You can print that ahead of time, but of course I forgot. So I must stand in line. I didn't check a bag, but the Tulsa aiport does not have the option for the kiosks without standing in line. Whatevs,

6:55 am- Still in the Southwest line. 
7:00 am- head up to security.

*For anyone who has ever flown out of the OKC or Tulsa airport you know it, on average, takes about 14 minutes from check in to security. Apparently, except during spring break.
I have never seen the security line as long as it was, in ANY airport. It was wrapped down both hall ways. People in line around me had flights at 7:25 that they were calling to board and TSA wouldn't let them cut in front of anyone. I would have taken a picture because it was unreal, but I was freaking out I wasn't going to get through.

7:25 am- still in security
7:30 am- cursing the spring breakers
7:35 am- my friends in line finally were able to cut and make their flight (even though they had been announcing last boarding call for 15 minutes)
7:45 am- FINALLY make it through, only to have my bag searched. 
7:46 am- make it to the gate (because there are only 3)

Tulsa International Airport TSA, get your shiz together. It's spring break. Be prepared. 

I didn't have a boarding pass yet, and after talking to the agents, it didn't look like I was going to get one. So I waited, and listened to the agents say over the speaker "This is a full flight, all seats will be taken", and I  waited until everyone else boarded the flight. And then, the Christmas miracle happened. And the sweet little lady said "go, get on, get to your husband!"

So I run on the plane, carry on luggage dragging behind. I board the plane, everyone gives me the stink eye because I'm last on and holding it up, a very large manly looking passenger woman helped me with my bag, and the only seat left was between a crazy woman, and a lady with a baby. 
I ended up with baby food all over me, my book full of baby spit, and knowing way too much personal information about the old lady. 

But I made it. God was so good to me today. I really did not think it was going to happen. It could have been way worse, I was really blessed today and not trying to complain... But those spring breakers are crampin' my flying style, not making it easy on me!

After landing in Phoenix at 9:05 am (I love time changes, it's as if I never left) I made Marshall take me to eat Mexican food.
That's a big 'ole breakfast burrito.
Disregard the weird hair thing going on, I woke up really early. And my strange looking hands.

Now, I must go to bed, even though it is 8:00 pm in AZ, it's really 10:00 pm in OK. 

p.s. My Aunt Nancy is trying to fly back to Phoenix this weekend, please pray she makes it on a flight, she has to be back by Monday!


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Jessica said...

um, is that original burrito co??? i am SO jealous!!