Monday, February 28, 2011


I love Monday nights. Purely for television reasons only.

If I actually listed out all the TV shows that I DVR my fiancé might call it off.

Can we register for DVR....


Sunday, February 27, 2011

need to smile?

Not a lot is happening right now worth documenting and blogging about. I could post about how I feel overwhelmed with life... getting married in 3 months, moving to Philly, Marshall's rotations that will make us move 5 times in a year, trying to find some source of income moving every 3 months, yadda yadda yadda.

No one wants to hear about that drama.
You're welcome.

I started this blog when I moved to China to keep everyone up to date with my life there... hence the name of this blog... heidi of the future. Ya know.. cause I was in the future...

Anyways, I'm going to leave you with a short video of these 2 darling little girls.
My friend Kylie and I were on one of our regular bus rides in Qinhuangdao, and these 2 girls stole our attention.

It always makes me smile.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

the little things

I wish I was the type that enjoyed crafts. But I'm not. God didn't make me that way.

That's why I have people in my life that push me to get that stuff done.

With the help of my mom going with me to the Hob Lob (I get overwhelmed with the options) and my sister-in-law Teri helping me get started I got a little wedding project started.
You'll have to wait till the wedding to see the finished product.

And on a completelty different note I got a new nail polish!

OPI "I Vant to be a Lone Star"

I just love how a new color can make your day.


Friday, February 25, 2011

love for the fanny

My dearest friend C over at Girls of the Wild Frontier dedicated a blog post today to her fancy fanny pack.

I wanted to support her and the pack. She has a fancy Coach fanny, but there are many different packs out there and somehow I own 3.

One of my favorites is my "Heidi loves Mickey" one that my grandmother made for me.... when I was 22.... I took it to Disney World.
And wore it with pride.

Everything you need is right there on your hip. It might not look the coolest. But I'm telling you, you feel the coolest.

So don't be ashamed of looking like a tourist. Embrace it.

Thank you C for reminding the inter web of it's greatness.


Kelly Moore Bag

I have been searching for the perfect camera bag. Ever since my first accidental lens break I have been on the hunt. And now, after my 2nd accidental lens break must make a decision.

I ran across the Kelly Moore Bag

functional plus stylish

I don't have mine yet (I need some money) but I know I already love it. And I already know which style and color I want.
Wedding gift anyone?
Bonus* Every bag has an across-the body strap. And if you know me, you know I loove this. Hands free it's the way to be.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

follow thursday

My sister-in-law Teri has started a blog! !

Her and my brother Aaron are in the process of adopting a tiny little precious baby from Korea!!!!! So she started a blog to keep everyone up to date with the process.

It's called, get this... "Reeves got Seoul"

Get it. Cause Seoul is the capital of South Korea. And they are the Reeves. So clever.

And you may even see pictures like this on her blog.
That hair. What the heck?
(the mullet looking hair is actually his mother's hair behind him)

So add the Korean baby to your Googler Reader and give them some love.
Maybe if you feel the desir send them some cash... whatever.

And while you are at it add my other sis-in-law Audrey's blog to your google reader
Leave her comments and tell her we want her to post daily, heck I'll even take weekly!
Those kids are adorable trouble!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

take me to yourrr hearrrrrt

Wedding music. Such a big decision.

You want it to be fun, represent you both as a couple, but something that you won't look back on in 20 years and ask yourself "Why did we think Savage Garden's 'Truly Madly Deeply' was a good idea?"

So here I am now, trying to find the perfect song that captures our love.

If anyone reading has been to China in the last 2 years then you know how perfect this song would be... or not...

While the majority of America has never heard of this song, the entire country of China knows every word.

I wish I could bring all my students over to sing it for you. Instead I will leave you with Farkus. He wasn't my student, but he believed that he was going to be my boyfriend. He made an email address with his name and my last name. Cathy actually g-chatted him one time. Kevin had to constantly remind him that I was taken. Ooh young love.

Sing it Farkus Reeves!

Probably not the wedding music of 2011 but this song will always be close to my heart.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a dream come true!

I read way too many wedding blogs. I am obsessed. My Google Reader is constantly full of new ideas and beautiful weddings.

Some girls dream of the perfect wedding... I dream of being on a wedding blog...

Amanda Watson, our extremely talented, and creative photographer knows exactly how to make those dreams come true. We owe it to her!

We were featured on The Bride's Cafe!
One of my favorite wedding blogs that I pull a lot of inspirtation from!

I'm soooo excited!! Someone pinch me!

I know you want to see for yourself... so do it!



Monday, February 21, 2011


I just can't shake this sickness.
I don't feel any better or worse. Just the same.

Is 1 better or 2? 2 or 3? Better, worse, or about the same?

Did I sound like an eye doctor? I was hoping to.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've been sick since Robin left so I haven't been documenting my life.

But I did get to spend some time with this girl.
She came to town to help with Aaron and Teri's adoption fundraiser dinner, but I was too sick they wouldn't let me go. So Cathy stayed with me in my quarantined room.

She stayed the weekend and we caught up on the DVR.

What a sweet friend.

On Saturday we met this one in Tulsa.
She met us at the lodge where we are getting married. It was so great to have Cathy's wedding planning background, and Patsy's creative mind to help envision the place. They pretended to walk down the aisle, Cathy pretended to be 5-foot rounds, they gave insight. They helped a lot!

Later we met this one.
Katelyn is my personal stylist for the day, so she had to see me in my dress! And besides I kind of forgot how I looked and how much I loved it since it had been months since I ordered it!

Good news. I still love it.

It was great getting to spend time with these 3 even though I felt like someone ran me over with a truck.

p.s. this wedding is happening in 99 days. When did the count down get to double digits?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

last day in America


Robin's final day. aka. Sad day.
He said bye to Screeprinting people and ate another #11 from Quizno's.

After lunch we were heading to OKC. We made a few stops, showing Robin all that OKC has to offer.
Picked up Cathy.
And had a photo shoot at the Capital.

We were meeting the rest of the family at Irma's so we could say our goodbyes.
See. Sad day.

We were headed toward the Thunder game.

Robin got an American flag to wave around with pride.
We took pictures.
And Robin can go home and brag to his friends about going to an NBA game.

More goodbyes.
It's just so sad. Everytime.

And Robin and I made a late night stop at Wal Mart for some apples.
He had promised his mom when he was 4 years old that he would bring her apples by plane from a far away land.

And that is what he did.


Monday, February 14, 2011

El Tap for lunch.


Valentine's Day. Blah.

Teri's Birthday. Yay!


And then Robin disappeared with my dad and who knows where they spent the afternoon?

We celebrated Teri Beth's birthday.
Robin wrote her a card in Chinese.
Still not sure what it says.

And of course...
Robin's favorite past time.

Jett is really going to miss Robin.

As is the rest of America.