Friday, May 4, 2012

water in AZ

Our Cinco de Mayo looks like it is going to be spent floating the Salt River.

I am just amazed that there is actual flowing water a short 45 minutes away from Phoenix.
Mind boggling. This state is mind boggling. 

I'm excited to get my trashy college party day on (even though I am not trashy, or in college).
We might have all gotten sombreros to wear down the river...
What!? If you can't beat em join em.

And apparently Marshall and I love float trips.
Here we are 3 years ago floating down the Illinois River in Tahlequah. 

I did buy a waterproof disposable camera for this trip so I can get crazy with my pics (did you know they still make those things?)
And I have SPF 4 thousand so I am prepared.

Bring it sun, Salt River and drunken college students. 
Bring it.

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Kara said...

a float trip sounds SO fun!! love that there might be sombreros. ha! happy cinco de mayo!