Monday, May 7, 2012

birth day.

Marshall and I started dating in December 2008, and have only actually spent 1 of my birthday's together, 2009. All the others we were in our long distance world. So I was so excited to have him around for my 26th birthday.

I never really have a lot of expectations for my birthday. I love attention, but hate when people plan something based around me. I only know 2 people here. My husband and my aunt, but I will say, they made me feel soo special. Along with all my friends and family calling, texting, emailing, facebooking, instagraming, twittering.... these days we have a lot of ways to communicate. 

I woke up to post-it notes around the house from Marshall.
  He's so sweet. 
Apparently I missed one, but I have no idea where it is...

 You know how you sign up for all the retail/food places emails in hopes of getting free stuff? Well the birthday ones are the best, because those really are free. I learned that Ulta gives you a free eyebrow wax at their brow bar. Done. I needed a wax and I don't like paying.

After my wax I met my aunt for a much needed pedicure.
You should have seen my before toes, the river did a number on them.

Marshall actually got off early from work, aka he got off on time, but it was great to have him home.
I opened a few presents.
My aunt hooked me up with gift cards, my favorite form of gifts. 

And  Marshall was very creative with his card.
Attached it to the bag with a bobby pin. He knows NOT to throw bobby pins away!

 Marshall and I headed to dinner and then called it a night.
I'm so old now, I can't stay out late.

Happy Birthday to me!


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