Sunday, May 13, 2012

mommy's day!

Sunday we woke up, still exhausted, but ready to celebrate Mother's Day. Megan's mom was coming into town to see her so we attempted to make them breakfast. Really my mom went to the store, got food, displayed it all pretty, and then we "cooked" it.

Why are moms sooo great and selfless? Does it just happen when you pop a baby out of your lady parts? Because my mom is the greatest. 
We didn't happen to plan this height ladder, it just happened.

 We sat outside, enjoyed the nice weather

and even got to see this little guy.
He was sick... he had the runs (sorry baby) and was coming home from his other grandparent's house where he had been all weekend so he was not a fun toddler. But still soo cute.

 And then we said goodbye to my friends, they drove back home, and my mom, dad and I laid on the couch watching Lifetime movies.
Lifetime movie network is just soo good on a Sunday afternoon. Especially Mother's Day. It was "smother's day weekend"... where all the movies the moms are crazy or murderers. Classy.

And then later on in the evening we ordered Chinese food, my parent's friends came over, we sat on the back porch around the fire, drank margs and it was delightful.
Happy Mother's Day to a super cool, super stylish, and super incredible mom.
I'm lucky to be your daughter!

p.s. As I posted earlier this month, this mother's day was also my grammie's birthday. The first one since her passing in August. I'm thankful I was able to spend the day with my mama, I can't imagine how hard that was.. and still is.

Happy Birthday Grammie!
I know you are dancing with Jesus! We miss you all the time!


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Nancy Branch said...

I was all ready to make a totally different comment and then I got to your last picture and comment. Made me cry and totally forget what I was going to say before that one! What a special picture! What a fun, special lady and mom! Missing her so much right now.