Monday, March 26, 2012

i love lamp.

Our day 2 in SD was similar to day 1. 
We walked around, ate free hotel food for lunch, took pictures.

But we have different clothes on in our pictures, and they are semi different backgrounds...

We started the cloudy day by driving over to Coronado Island.
It's a little fancy island that has a great view of the city.

A lady offered to take our picture after she saw us trying to set up the camera.
She grabbed the camera and immediately said "1,2,3 smile". We had no time to prepare. It was odd.

We walked around some more.
Set up the camera some more.
We drove over to the other side of the island where there is a really nice beach that was full of volleyball games and children playing.
There is also this really expensive fancy resort over there. 
We walked around, pretending we were guests. But I doubt they have continental breakfast. So really, we win.

We left the island and headed to Balboa Park. Which is where the famous (overly priced) San Diego zoo is. But the park is so big that we found a prime people watching area to have our *free* lunch!
When I say this spot was a prime people watching spot, I mean it.
There was a softball team having practice. There was one guy who played with a glove in one hand and a coke can in the other. And he caught the ball a lot. There was one girl and she never caught the ball, but when she finally did her team cheered so loud for her. Great team spirit they had.

There was this hippy/hipster on his tight rope thing. He sucked, but gradually improved.

There was also a man with a metal detector that dug up some things a few times (you can spot him in the left side of the softball picture), a group of hipsters with hula hoops, and 2 little boys with mullets down to their butts.
The sunshine, the relaxing, the people, it was the perfect afternoon activity with my husband.

But we still had a place we wanted to see, so we packed up and drove to this area called Point Loma. 
It's way way down south of SD and has great views too!
And there is a lighthouse just a short hike up to the top.
Marshall already knew how a lens works. Thanks optometry school!

Seriously, how great is that hair?

Late that night, we met up with some of Marshall's guys that he works with here in Phoenix. They are 4th years and were also in SD for the weekend. 
They took us downtown and we got our party on.
All I have to say is optometrists know how to have fun.

Besides the $4.50 gas prices, San Diego was the shiz. I would go back, but not until I can wear a bathing suit!

Him being done with this test means more fun and exploring Arizona!



the plaid sparrow said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the photos from your trip. :)
It really looks like you guys had fun.

Marsh said...

Do you have a dip can in the back pocket of those cute purple jeans?!