Monday, August 27, 2012

movie night.

After sleeping in and being extremely lazy we needed to get out of the house so we headed to lunch and then took a stroll on the George Washington bridge by their apartment.
It was enough strolling so we headed back and continued being lazy.

Our evening plan was to hit up the Central Park movie night.
Central Park will always be a little extra special to us. We got engaged there almost 2 years ago so it's fun to go back.

The movie of the night was Clerks. Which I had never seen, and now I know why. It was so inappropriate for all of the small children there! Maybe I did laugh though... also the star of the show Brian O'Halloran was there and spoke before so that was cool.
We also got free popcorn! 
And for some reason I have pictures of everyone getting their free popcorn.
This popcorn wasn't any normal popcorn. One had oreos in it and one was cheddar flavored.
We ate lots of snacks drank some wine and enjoyed the evening.
Once we got home we went up on the roof to continue the fun.
Another late night but happy to be with friends!

We woke up on Sunday and kept being lazy.

It's funny. We are in this big city and we were perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching Netflix together.

That's true love.


Sunday, August 26, 2012


We're home from a great weekend in NYC. 
But if you follow me on Instagram then you already know what we did!

Marshall and I drove up on Friday. Normally we take a bus but now that we live in the suburbs it's less convenient and more expensive getting to the bus station. We also didn't know when we were leaving or coming home, and we didn't want to be tied down! So we decided to drive. Which is crazy but the Bryants have free street parking outside their apartment and we took back routes to bypass most of the tolls so we saved at least $40! The things you do when you are broke!

We stopped and visited Valerie at work and then had ourselves a lovely patio sitting afternoon until our friends got off work.

The plan for the evening was to hit up a show. The Bayside Tigers 90's cover band show. They have been to see them twice before and they loved them so much they wanted to go back for a third.
It was incredible. They have an awesome Kelly Kapowski cut out, their band name is genius, and they wore all awesome clothes. They covered all of the greatest 90's hits. And I knew every word to every song.
We danced, sang, jumped around, and burned a ton of calories. 

The show ended at about 2:00 am so by the time we got home it was 3:00 am. I haven't stayed up that late in forever. But it was worth it to listen to those tunes!

The rest of our weekend next.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miss you Grams!

It's hard to believe that a year ago today my sweet Grammie went to be with Jesus. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.
She was so full of love, joy and laughter.

And I miss her terribly.


Friday, August 24, 2012

1 week and already outta here.

Marshall randomly has a 3 day weekend... which is crazy because he has to work most weekends for the rest of the time in Philly. 
But we aren't complaining because we are getting the H out of Philly and heading up to NYC to see our favorite New Yorkers!

Don't they look excited? 
This picture was on our trip to Six Flags last fall.

Can't wait to lounge, eat, party and have fun! Val and I will be talking about television while the boys talk about science.

See ya when I get back!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

book nerd.

I read a lot of books this summer.
And I posted about them at All of the Stuff.

Go take a look.
You might be impressed with my reading list...



Saturday, August 18, 2012

my few days home.

My time back in Oklahoma was packed full of family, friends, and fun. 

Of course I hung out with these 2.
They all seem to be adjusting well.  
Jett is still obsessed with his little brother and always wants to love on him.

We did a lot of playing.
Uncle Marshall busted out sombreros. 
sombreros = instant party.

I also was able to celebrate a dear friend's bachelorette party at the lake!

It was a great way to spend my last few days before hitting the road.

Which we did with walkie-talkies.

We are now back in Philadelphia, but this time we are in the suburbs so it's a little different than our last time in the city. But I am excited for what's to come here.

p.s. our internet is so slow it might as well be non existent. Looks like I will be hanging out at the local coffee shops watching internet TV and blogging.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

prep time.

I haven't posted the whole time I've been home because I have been a crazy person trying to get ready to move again and of course hanging with these boys.

I'll be back with a recap of my week once we make it to Philadelphia.

We start driving tomorrow. We bought walkie talkies, we have snacks, I've made mixed cds, we are ready for this caravan road trip. Bring it 24 hour road trip where I'm driving the entire time. Bring it.

 If you are really missing me you can always find me over at All of the Stuff.

Thanks for being patient. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

See Ya Denver.

People. I've been MIA. Could you tell? 
Moving week started. 
My mom flew into town to help clean, pack and drive with me. But really it was all an excuse to come see me in Denver!
Besides all the cleaning and packing that got done, we also pampered ourselves, ate a lot (check out that sausage....), had an eye exam, went shopping. The usual mother/daughter activities.

Marshall has to stay a few days later for work, so we packed up my car, said bye to our house, and drove to Oklahoma.

We leave next week to drive back to Philadelphia where we will be until November. 

I am not ready to make that drive. Again. For the 3rd time.

Until I get settled in Phila I may not be around much.
Hang with me. You know you want to see Filthadelphia. 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

I would like the reindeer.

One of the best parts about living in Denver has been that we have friends here. We might not get to hang out with them a lot, but the times that we have, have been great.

We met up with Hannah and her new hubby Mr. Lesley, for some hot dogs!
Hannah knows I love hot dogs so what better place to go than Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs.
Marshall ate a rattlesnake dog and I ate a reindeer dog (sorry Santa). 
Reindeer hot dogs don't taste that bad. Good job Rudolph.

We walked across the street for some more hang out time.
Kendra met up with us here where we talked Bachelor Pad, watched some Olympics, and laughed.

I wish I could stay here and hang out with these cool girls.
They have no idea (but they do now) how much their friendship this summer has meant to me. They were inviting us places and including me when something fun was happening. I might not have been able to go to a lot of things, but it meant so much that they even took the time to ask.

This crazy lifestyle we have can be lonely in the girlfriend department.
Sometimes a girl just needs to watch The Bachelorette with a bunch of other girls, or lay by the pool talking about our boys.
Thank you for giving me that girl time I needed.

Our next move is Philly, where my nearest girlfriend Valerie is 2 hours away. I'm already planning on many bus rides to NYC.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

hikes and mines.

It's out last weekend here in Colorado. 
I'm having a hard time saying bye to this place.
I love the dry air.

We wanted to spend our Saturday outside, but we were not wanting some crazy mountains to hike, we wanted something easy.
 Someone mentioned we go to Caribou Ranch, near the cute little town of Nederland.
It was just what we wanted.
Easy, beautiful, different, easy.
I was not looking to be sore for the next few days!
(p.s. I love taking pictures with my phone cover, this is my pet turtle/dinosaur from Korea. I call her Puffy).
This place was like a museum that you have to walk a few miles to see the next exhibit.
 I got my athletic on and my history on.
win. win win.

After our hike we went into town for some chicken wings and beer.
Then we drove home and watched the Olympics.

What a great last Saturday in Colorado.