Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grand Canyon and back.

Again, there are many photos. I just can't seem to figure out how to limit all the 100's of pictures I take daily....

When Megan booked her flight to visit us she said she wanted to do one thing.
See the Grand Canyon.
I hadn't been either so it was perfect. It's about 4 hours from us so we had to wake up real early to start our journey.

We decided to detour through Sedona so we could cross it off our list.
However, whenever we saw a Scenic viewpoint sign we stopped.

Besides having beautiful giant rocks to look out, the people were also pretty great.

I wish I had the front of him. He was French, and had a killer mustache.

Of course I love them.

We stopped in town when we saw these signs on the side of the road.

More scenic stops.

We knew we needed to try and stay in the car for at least 30 minutes before our next stop or else we would not make it to the GC.

But then we hit the wooded mountains and wanted to stop and find this creek my aunt told us about.
It smelt like Colorado. 

 After Megan peed in the woods, and we explored the creek we headed back to the road.

 We stopped next in Flagstaff for an indoor toilet and for lunch.
When we road trip, we road trip on a budget. So we packed lunch and dinner.

And we took our cooler to McDonald's, sat outside, and enjoyed their very clean picnic tables.

After that, a stop at the liquor store for some hiking beers.
Side Note**. Marshall was reading the 3rd book of The Hunger Games on the iPad, Megan was reading the 2nd book, and I was driving. And every time they would make a gasp noise I would ask "WHAT HAPPENED" I so wanted to be reading.

After another couple hours of driving we finally made it to our final destination. 
 The best news of the day... all national parks were FREE for the week! That's $25 we saved!
We basically just walked around, hiked a little bit, would go to different points to try and see something different. 

Senior picture pose.

 speed walking

 This squirrel is actually a cat.

 People probably really do fall in the Grand Canyon. We shouldn't pretend....

The animals there are fearless. Or the humans are.
Either way, these things do not care that you are around.
I made a video pretending to be Bear Grylls. But I think it was only funny to Megan, Marshall and I.

We were sticking around until the sunset so we still had some time to kill... so we decided to enjoy a cold refreshment beverage.

And take self-timered jumping pics.
Well... we attempted. 

 It was finally time to head to our sunset watching location. 
We were not alone. This location was full of awesome foreigners....
And when the sun was actually behind the canyon guess what they all did...
It was precious.

Once that sun was gone, we headed to the car to make our dinner and get on the road.
Apples and PB and J.

We made it back just before midnight.
It was exhausting but so much fun.
I'm so glad we were able to go while Megan was here!
And I'm so glad it was free!



Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like such a blast! You know, I have drove by the Grand Canyon a Million times, and I have never stepped out to really enjoy it. I need to change that! Great post, great blog!

Anonymous said...


Kara said...

never apologize for too many pictures!! i love that the people clapped after the sun set. sigh. i need more clapping in my life.

Brittany said...

Pretty sure I have a picture on that ledge in your speed walking picture in some bad denim shorts and a pink baseball cap when I was like 14. Ah, family trip memories. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I was freaked out at the GC. I have developed a fear of heights and then all these people w/o frontal lobes were doing crazy stuff. A Dad left a baby in a stroller with his big brother and the big brother let go of the stroller and it was literally rolling toward the cliff. I gasped and grabbed it and the Dad acted like I was being nosey. And people will go sit out at the furthest reaches beyond all the little "Don't go beyond this point" signs and sit and watch the sunset or take pics. Ugh. We went into the bookstore up there and lo and behold, I am not paranoid. There was a booke entitled Death at the Grand Canyon or some such title. It chronicles all of the accidental and intentional deaths that have been recorded there.