Saturday, September 25, 2010

"can i at least keep my real simples?"

Cathy is moving out of her cute little apartment and moving into Kori's cute house. So today I was on "help Cathy clean out her crap" duty.

We found some good items for the giveaway box.
green floral boy shorts

weird sock leggings

hot mom jeans

and a pile of t-shirts to dump

I love cleaning out other people's junk. She had InStyle magazines from 2007. Junk.

And on our way home from dropping 4 trash bags off at the Goodwill we drove by this random house.
With a real bed in the front yard full of flowers.

I love people's creativity.


Friday, September 24, 2010

How many normal people can we count?

The State Fair + MC Hammer is a win win Friday night. You can't go wrong in this situation.
We got there early so we would have time to find ourselves a jumbo corn dog and stake out a location for Hammer Time.

We found this cute girl along the way.

And her photography skills were rockin. I have missed her pictures of me...

This is the only picture I have of the Hammer. I know it sucks. But unless you were close to the stage or a giant you couldn't really enjoy the show.

That's a lie. We still enjoyed the show.

Put 2 in the air for 2 Pac.

How could not enjoy a 48 year old man dancing and rapping on stage, preaching, and talking about the crack wars while eating corn?

After the massive dance party we had to hit up the fair.

Don't spend your money on the "Freak Show"

Do spend your money on the Tilt A Whirl

Our bar didn't latch. Gotta love the safety of the fair rides.

Overall. It was a perfect way to spend our Friday night.

It was truly 2 legit 2 quit.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

way back wednesday

In honor of seeing old friends this weekend. And missing a lot that I didn't get to see....

I'm leaving you with a favorite pose and pictures from senior year...

"The Hale"

The original "Hale"

Our attempt at "The Hale"

p.s. i don't really have a lot of exciting things going on during my work week picture wise. so my 2 readers out there you might be seeing some random photos from way back wednesday.

p.p.s i realize it's not wednesday, but i can't think of anything clever to say about today.

Happy Monday.


the day after

Staying up till 2:00 am making hot dogs is exhausting.

So sometimes you just need to take a nap the next day.
(FYI Cathy fell asleep ON her book)

Happy Sunday.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Our special is..."

GAME DAY! So you know what that means... friends and hot dogs.

At one point in time Cathy and I used to tell the Schmiedeberg's that we were their children. Turns out we still are.

Being the creeper that I am, I watched and photographed college kids using this...
An octopus bong? Have these always been around and I'm just not in the "bonging crowd"?
Oh College.

Oh Cathy.

Since none of us had tickets to the game, the idea of standing outside randos tailgates sweating was not appealing to us. But you know what was sounding like a good idea?

El Vaq.

I actually haven't been there since way before China. Shame.

It did not disappoint.
The cold beer, the dirty food, Ashley's falling stories, Cathy's bangs... what else do we need?

How about Madeline? In an OSU bow?

We headed down to the cart after dinner to set up shop.

We brought lawn chairs this time. The chairs brought so much attention to the cart I really think it was a smart marketing move on our part. The customers loved enjoying our tailgate experience.

Half way thru the night we were in need of a drink.
A quick run through The Barn did the trick.

Our night was full of entertainment as always.

Interesting conversations... "So there's really no chance that either one of you are going to date me?"
Couples mugging down (photo does not portray what we saw all night)

And well. Whatever you want to call this.

See. The chairs really were a hit.


Monday, September 13, 2010


Tonight I got a surprising and pretty hilarious call from my favorite NYC couple...

Thanks for the entertainment!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

mr. onions and punt team

Hellooooo football season! This season I'm more excited than previous years. I guess it must have something to do with not being here last year. That's how everything is lately. I am more excited for things, to eat chips and salsa, thunderstorms, wearing my boots. Everything.
We headed down to campus and found my father wheelin and dealin in the parking lot.
Parking cars. Making money.
He wouldn't even let his own daughter park there without paying $8. Whatev.

You want something beautiful. I'll show you something beautiful.
All that wavin' wheat.

I have missed this. And a special thanks to Bailey for letting me have her ticket. Good friends share tickets.

After we (barely) beat Troy it was hot dog workin time.
The Strip was hopin with crazy Cowboy fans. It was hard to concentrate on all the orders.
Especially with friends to visit with.
And smoke from the grill overtaking our lungs.

If only I could have recorded the incredible tales of the drunks for you all... I guess you will just have to come experience it yourself.