Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have I told you about my twin?
I have a teeth twin, and she is my cousin Amber (nicknamed Peeps since she was a wee one)
Our moms are sisters (we are living with her mom), she is 2 1/2  years older than me, and we believe we were actually twins separated at birth. We have a theory.

After my family moved from Arizona to Oklahoma when I was 6 we only saw each other maybe once a year. Yet, every time we were together again all of our similarities came out. It really is creepy how alike we are. Our family says we share a brain, we sound the exact same on the phone, and our teeth are the same. Why haven't they done a study on us yet?

Pre braces our teeth looked nothing the same. 
But post braces those babies straightened to look identical to each other.
Take a look for yourself.
We take a lot of pictures like this. 
 Admiring one another's teeth. Because it's really like looking into the mirror. We also get food stuck in the same location. Yeah, I know.

She got married in December 2007
I was her Maid of Honor.

I got married in May 2011
She was my Matron of Honor.

If I could I would dig up all the old pictures and videos of us. My brothers and her sisters are older so they hung out with themselves. But we had each other. We have always had each other.
 Cousins are just so special. One of the many reasons why I want to live close to family when we have kids.

Speaking of kids... Did I mention Peeps is pregnant.
This was Saturday when this picture was taken.
But this morning at 5:30 am I got a phone call from her husband Tom saying Peeps was having a baby!
She lives in Florida and I wanted to jump on a plane and be there with her. I couldn't go back to sleep, I was so excited, so anxious, so nervous. 

A good couple hours later their 1st child was born.
Blake Thomas Kubalewski
And he is a beautiful baby.
And I am unbelievably happy for them.

They are going to be incredible parents. Blake has no idea how cool of parents he has.
Congrats Kubs! So happy for your new family of 3!
Can't wait to meet him!

p.s. last night I was having major stomach aches, this morning after getting the call that my cousin was in labor I think it was just twin cramps because my other half was having a baby :) 



Jessica said...

cutest post ever!! love you girls and this makes me miss you both so much! xoxo

Amber said...

Cousin, Teeth Twin, My other half, WHAT A SWEET POST!!! I feel so loved and so special that you made this for Baby Blake! I cannot wait for you to meet the new handsome man in my life and I LOVE that you had labor pains with me! I miss you so much! Now hurry up and come visit us! Love you!!!!