Friday, April 20, 2012

Megan visits. Day 1 and Day 2.

I picked Megan up for the airport on Thursday and we immediately headed to Scottsdale to shop. 

While we were at the mall we found this weird promotional thing going on.
Honda was giving away free Sprinkles Cupcakes for basically doing nothing.
 So we did nothing, got a free cupcake AND a coupon for another free cupcake at the actual store.
 Thank you, Sprinkles.

 After walking around the mall, we walked around old town Scottsdale.
 Found these fake guys.

And this crazy woman.
Your eyes are not fooling you. She is in fact wearing a bra as a shirt, in public.
What a looney.

We hit up Trader Joes on our way home
Where Megan channeled her inner Angelina Jolie (while wine tasting).

*****Day 2*****

After a morning of (more) shopping we packed a lunch, headed to a random hotel pool and relaxed.
Hotel pools are the best. They provide the towels, the water, the chairs. 
And with this ridiculous 95 degree heat it was much needed.

After having heart-to-hearts and working on our tan we got ready for the evening.
We decided the best people watching/dancing location was our fav, The Sandbar. 
 See what I'm talking about great people watching....

Also, my Urgent Care doctor was there, sat at a table right next to us, and looking like she was looking for a good time....

We had to call it an early night because we had an early wake up call for the Grand Canyon! And my short breaths and back pain were back and hurt every time I tried dancing. And I love dancing, what a shame.


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Ashley said...

BARF! might i add that that bra-shirt is in fact the worst bra ever. those girls are riding over her bellybutton!

the audrina stanky leg! haha i died! too funny

looks like such a fun visit!