Thursday, February 28, 2013

paint by numbers

Most of our date nights come from Groupons. We can't afford anything here in Miami, and Groupons allow us to get out there and off the couch while not spending all of our monies. We finally went and did a painting class... I know we are behind on the trend, whatever. This particular one was right around the corner from us, so we could finish our bottle of wine on the walk home. We didn't.. but we could have. 

The progress.
 I might have had a few sips of wine by the time I had to draw the moon and had difficulties making a tiny perfect circle..

The whole class. 
We didn't know any of them. 

I felt like Felicity the whole time.  There could have been a fire in the building and I was so into my painting I would have had no idea (That's a Felicity reference..)


Friday, February 22, 2013

goal. get tan.

Every time I talk to a certain BFF of mine after having spent a day at the beach or pool she always "You must be glowing with your Miami tan."
 Uh huh. No way. Not even close. I wish.

We have lived here for over 3 months... and I'm not even sure there is a tan line on my body yet. It's not like I'm not going out in the sun. I am. But I'm also wearing SPF 350 (does that even exists?) and lathering every 20 minutes. I also use self tanner but sometimes I'm too lazy to apply. I'm pretty confident I am one of the whitest people here. I look like a permanent tourist. 

I have a little less than 3 months left and I am determined to leave here with a tan. 
Don't worry Mom, I will still wear my SPF. I'm no dummy.


Friday, February 15, 2013

a day on the water with @megkiner

It's no surprise I love a good deal. So when there was a Groupon for a weird pirate ship tour Megan and I said yes!
 Who doesn't love a cheap boat tour.
It ended up being more of a celebrity house tour. Which is totally awesome being told where all the hot stars live in Miami. That way I can get a canoe, paddle back out there and just wait. Stalker style. But wait, it has to all be true to be totally awesome. BS Tour guides.

However, after doing much research, I am sad to say that the tours are not true, Maybe at some point a celebrity did live on that island or has lived in Miami, but as for them owning the houses currently, my google searches have told me that the tour guides just make it up.
This isn't half of the famous houses that they told us about. Any Latino American star that you can think of, plus b-ball stars, Leo, Ben and Jen, rappers, and even the doctor who invented Viagra all currently have houses here. Please. Whatever tour guide. Just sail the boat.
But that didn't stop us from having fun (or believing him for that hour). Megan even took her YOLO shirt off. That boat got crazy. YOLO baby.

Then we went and spent the afternoon at the beach.
Where Megan played in the waves with a stranger.
It's so fun having her here. It's less lonely when Marshall is at work!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our evening.

Dearest Marshall.
Our plans to eat leftovers and join the gym (finally) is going to be the best Valentines Day yet. But let's be honest. We won't join the gym. We will do it, then eat those leftovers and cookies, and catch up on  the DVRSounds perfect to me. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the glades with @megkiner

We scored a Groupon for an airboat ride so we decided to bring our friend Nibal along and drive to the Glades and check out some more alligators. Apparently Marshall and I can't get enough of them gators.
 The airboat was quite the ride. I thought we were going to tip over, it was fun and informative, we learned about plants and stuff.
However, the gator spotting was not as great as bike riding.
 But our tour guide/driver was awesome. We have no idea what his name was, but he told us these crazy stories about how he got stuck in the Glades when he was 6 years old and he's obsessed with alligators. He called one alligator, Road Runner, his girlfriend. And then he was trying to find another (I guess they know where they hang out) and he couldn't find her and he starts screaming "CYNTHIA, CYNTHIA, I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, COME OUT CYNTHIA. WE DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU. IT'S ME. CINDY BABY" It was so bizarre. But so totally awesome. I couldn't stop laughing.

After the boat we went to a "gator show". I guess we were at the same place as that Animal Planet show, Gator Boys, and the girl from the show did our show... Anyway, the show was a bust. The lady did two tricks. Whatever. She was also barefoot. Gross.
And then we could have paid $5 to hold the baby gator. Instead we just took pictures.

We were going to go to the beach when we got back, but we ordered some gator bites, and then it got cloudy and rainy and then it was too late to make it happen. So Megan and I went and found some YOLO gear!!!
 YOLO Baby!!!
(the next day we found YOLO clearance hats for $1, but failed at taking a picture)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 1 with @megkiner

You all may have noticed that I am extremely lazy and don't blog nearly as much as you all want me to, but I have some new material.
The past weekend I had a bestie fly in all the way from Dallas to see us!
 She landed and we headed to eat at a this hippie juice bar where are waiter tried to throw the napkin into the trash can and then said "LeBron". He was weird.

We headed down to South Beach to get our party on. It was only 5, so we got our stormy beach walk on.
 And watched this uncomfortable photo shoot happening with "models"

We hit up a happy hour, watched the crazies walk Ocean drive (one girl was wearing a pencil skirt, heels, and her BRA as her shirt)!

We also stumbled upon this sucky joint.  What a disappointment, Dash. I expect more from my girls.

We ended the night at some strange outside bar that had a dance floor over half of a swimming pool. Megan and I danced with strangers while Marshall stood and watched. But these strangers weren't creepy strangers. They were fun strangers, hard to find at a place like this.
At one point I remember one of the strangers saying "I want to lift you in the air, you're so small, does your husband care?" I said, "Noooo" and then he lifted me in the air like Dirty Dancing style.  And then I ran to ask Marshall if he saw me. 
He, however, said it didn't go down like that. He said that the guy tried to lift me but failed. I want to think I was flying above the crowd.

We made it home by 11 pm and was in bed by 12. What a win win win for us.


Monday, February 4, 2013

$1 night sandwiches

Apparently I am the laziest blogger. We keep doing fun stuff, but I just don't blog it, and I hardly even take pictures.

Last week we went with the other interns to Wednesday night $1 night at 100 Montaditos. What is $1 night you ask?
Everything in the restaurant is $1 on Wednesdays. ONE DOLLAR! 
They are special for these weird little sandwiches. They have 100 different kinds.
So we ordered 11 for the 2 of us. 
My favorite was the hot dog. $1 for a hot dog, come on, you can't beat that! They also have chocolate sandwiches. Um yes please.

Their alcoholic drinks are also $1 when you buy a sandwich.
We all doubled up. 

If anyone is coming to visit us, make sure you are here on a Wednesday!