Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thompson wedding fun!

With a couple of hours of sleep, we woke up and headed to the wedding site to help set up. They were having it out at a family member's land. Weddings that do not involve contracts and deposits are so much work, but always turn out so incredibly beautiful and fun. You have to rules and you can really make it all unique and personal.

When we got out there it looked like this

 There was a lot of work to be done.
But it started to come together. It was supposed to rain at 3:00 so we were waiting to put table clothes down until after it rained. Thank goodness, it didn't rain.

And I don't even have a picture of the final look. Fail.
Cathy and I took tea shots

We finally were able to leave so we could go shower and get ready!

Her dress was perfect for her!

pretty pretty ceremony site.

pre- dancing pics. We look clean and our hair is fixed.

My sweet parents were there!

Cathy caught the bouquet! muahaha.

Stillwater High graduates.

The dancing got crazy. Nothing like a dance floor, wedding jams, and your friends to make for a perfect combination.

Karli's niece is too precious for words.
 She had a glow stick pacifier going on.

I took a couple hundred pictures (that is a normal amount for a wedding for me) but I couldn't post them all. I'm trying to limit myself these days.

Karli and Luke did a fake send off so the photographer could get pictures before he left (we were dancing way into the night). They came back and we danced for at least another hour. No one wanted to leave. 

That's how you know it's a good wedding.

After, we went to another local college bar where we felt extremely old and lame. We knew no one (that didn't happen in college). And we were soo tired we just stood. Not talking. Just staring. We all went back to my parents, crawled into air mattresses and slept like a baby.

Happy Marriage Thompsons!!


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Valerie said...

I love everyone's complete commitment to their dance moves in that last pic.