Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#febphotoaday recap

For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram {heidireeves} or Twitter {heidireeves} (you should) you might not have seen my updates.
*Notice my social media outlets are still Reeves. I have yet to switch everything over to my married self, Walker (Texas Ranger).

Anyway, I participated in Fat Mum Slim's, February Photo A Day.

It works like this. You take a picture a day. Easy enough. 
There were days I missed. But I did move across the country so it's okay.

words, hands, 10 am, button

front door, inside your closet, heart, phone

something new, drink, something you hate to do, handwriting

where you work, your shoes, inside your bathroom cabinet, green

night, something you ate, money, something you're listening to

I think I might continue on for March Photo A Day. 

And you should too. Even if you don't do Instagram or Twitter (how do you live?) it's still fun to say you took a picture a day. Or in my case, usually it's more like 29 pictures a day.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

spinning 101

We joined the YMCA. 
And I'm super excited about it. 
It's less than 5 minutes away from my aunt's, it's clean, they offer all kinds of classes, and there are 2 outdoor heated pools. 
I haven't actually seen anyone "laying" out at the pool, and there are no lounge chairs, but I'm going to make it work.

Marshall and I decided to try our first class last tonight. 
Spin class.
 I dreaded it all day, freaked out right before we went and tried to make excuses why I couldn't go. But I went.
 I had no idea what to expect. I don't really work out. And when I do, it's not non stop, it's between commercial breaks. I didn't think I could do this.

But I did.
At one point towards the end the instructor made us close our eyes as we were doing a sprint. She was all "envision the finish line".... All I could see was a giant cookie in front of me.

And cookies are what got me through. And today my butt is so sore I feel like I rode a horse for 12 hours.

Props to all you people who do this all the time.

Next class on my list is water aerobics with the seniors.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

stitch it with super glue.

I'm not a mother. And not ready to be yet.
But when I heard Marshall yell up the stairs to me"Heidi.... I need help" I knew something happened. And my maternal side kicked in.

He had been working in the yard again cutting branches.
And, he also cut his finger.... his middle finger.

He probably actually needed stitches, but him being a boy, he just slapped some super glue on it and called it good.

I also almost passed out at the sight of all the blood and his open wound. 
Which means, when I am a mother, he will have to handle the nasty cuts. 
I'll wash the dirty clothes.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

car wash, sun, and bball

Our Saturday was a pretty good one.

We enjoyed the sunshine.
Marshall listened to his lectures and worked in my Aunt's yard
Excited to be able to have a yard to work in.

 I also enjoyed the sun.
No yard work for me. I painted my nails and caught up on 100 reasons to love AZ.

Marshall had a hair appointment so we ventured out.
Went through the $3 car wash.
Because car washes are awesome on a Saturday afternoon.

My aunt had tickets to the ASU/USC basketball game for a teacher's appreciation night or something... 
Principal Lady Nancy and her teachers.

We aren't fans of either teams, but why not? Gave us something to do and a new area of Phoenix to check out.

Not being fans of the teams let us focus our attention on those around us.
Like the camera man. He was interesting.

This blurry pic of this old man. He was a very energetic fan.

And a very strange couple. No comment.

 After dinner we took Lady Nancy out for her first froyo experience. (Or rather, she took us out... thanks for paying, we got you next time, ha!)
We sampled and sampled until we didn't need to sample anymore.

Successful Saturday. 
Hope everyone else had an enjoyable Saturday.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

we almost made it.

Last night I got to go on that walk I wanted... 
But it was to a gas station.

We ran out of gas.

Conversation in the car moments before we run out of gas...
me: I've never ran out of gas
marshall: then I hope we run out
3 seconds later, we lose power steering and coast into a neighborhood.

We walked 4 very long blocks, purchased some ridiculously expensive gas and a gas can, and walked back to the car.
This horrible pic was taken on my phone. I didn't know we were going on an adventure or else I would have grabbed my camera before we left the house. Also a jacket and closed toed shoes. We were not dressed appropriately. Phoenix is hot in the day, but still chilly at night. Next time, I will be prepared. 

We could have easily called my aunt to come save us, but we knew it would be a better memory if we walked ourselves shamelessly to the pump. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my iphone and a walk

We keep trying to have after work evening walks... but my roommates don't make it home with enough sunlight left to have a decent walk. So this morning I went alone. Plus my phone. I snapped a few pics of the neighborhood so you can see where we are bunking for the next 3 months.
The area of Phoenix is Ahwatukee, but she lives in Club West.
Doesn't that just sound so fancy. 

The houses all look a like to me. So you really have to remember where you live.

Wooden fences. No way. Everyone has big walls like this.

Grass is rare. Rocks are the norm.

 Obviously the cacti are everywhere. But my favorite ones are the old and broken.
They get help.

I really feel so blessed to get to live here.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

jump on the DA train

It's no secret that I am a TV obsessed lady. If I could find a way to make money watching TV, I would be a millionaire.

So when Valerie told me forever ago to start watching a certain new show of hers, I was hesitant. The last thing I needed was another show. Until now. I was ready to embrace this new show.
And embrace I did.

I can't stop talking with an English accent, I can't stop calling Marshall, Sir Lord Marshall, and my Aunt, Lady Nancy.

With only a few episodes left until I am caught up and have to wait for the new season I already am feeling a loss.

I need my friends, Matthew, Mary, Mr. Bates, Carson, Cybil, Granny.....

PBS won't disappoint. I promise.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

date night

Marshall works full time now and when he is home he should be studying for his first round of board exams in March. So when the weekend rolled around I was beyond excited to just get to be with him.

We lounged on the balcony in the sun (he studied, I napped), we caught up on some TV, and we decided to go out on a little Saturday night date.

Which included...
 A trip to Lowe's for pruning shears.
 He humored me by taking pictures in the middle of the store.
 Self timered of course.
 After leaving without the pruning shears because he felt he could get them cheaper somewhere else we headed to dinner.
 Now we are burger connoisseurs. And we needed to see if it was better than our favorite  burger joint, Five Guys.
 The verdict is in. It's not. Five Guys trumps all.

However, the people watching was incredible. This particular location is a teenage hot spot, and we enjoyed watching one of the workers hit on every girl that walked in.
 Also, these 80 year old twins were just precious. Actually have no idea if they are 80 OR twins. But they wore the exact same jacket and looked pretty similar. So I'm going to think they were twins.

After our burger stop, we hit up Target to see if they had the shears cheaper...
 They didn't have the ones he wanted. 
So off we were to Home Depot to check their selection out.
We also saw 5 suspicious looking high school boys who were buying products to grow weed. This is what Marshall told me. I have no idea what you need for that. 
Home Depot had just what we wanted AND 5 dollars cheaper than Lowe's.
Thanks Marshall for being so adamant on finding the cheaper price.

We went to multiple stores but we didn't even run all around town to do it. Phoenix has more shopping on every corner than I have ever seen. It's glorious.

Our Saturday night might sound super lame to some, but we were together. No study books, no computers, no TV. Just together. And that is something that is so precious to me.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tacos, eyes, and olive oil

My mom headed back to Oklahoma yesterday (thanks again Mom for driving out with me!) so here's a little update on what we did our last few days. 
Besides shopping of course. 

If you have never had the joy of having real, non tex-mex, mexican food, then you have never truly lived. My mom grew up in Arizona, spent 30 something years here. She misses real mexican food. So  she needed it before leaving. Finding the perfect place is something tricky. And we all know the best places are the ones you have to question a little bit.
My mom and I were out running around town when we stumbled upon this jewel. We walked in and could tell it was going to be a winner. And it was an old Quizno's. So it felt a little bit like home.
Tacos and enchilada. Delicious. I need to try everything on the menu.
Bonus, they had free chocolate for Valentine's Day. 

 My mom and I cooked and froze some meals.

We went to one of my mom's favorite restaurants Kona Grill
I did not eat this. Because I do not like sushi or crab. But I hear it's delightful.

 Marshall is working on an Indian reservation in Sacaton, AZ. It's about 30-ish minutes from my aunt's house. We all drove out one day to have lunch with him and check out his new digs.
 He's so professional and smart.
 He also gets 3 free meals there, which means my wifely duties just lightened a whole lot.
Perfect. Just what I need. An excuse not to cook.

My aunt had heard about the Queen Creek Olive Mill for years now and had never had a chance to go. So we decided to drive out there and check it out.
They had a little cafe with delicious food. And you can sample all the olive oils.
So we got some bread and let the sampling begin.
Chocolate olive oil, I think I'm in love.

Now that my mom is gone, Marshall and my Aunt Nancy are working all the time, I am left to explore this place during the weekday alone. 
Could be interesting.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's birthday

Birthday Shout out to my sis-in-law Teri Beth.
Or as I call her Terl.
She shares a birthday with Valentine's Day. Which means double trouble for my brother.

I love you and miss you!


h and m v-day history

Marshall and I started dating in December 2008. 
We spent the 2009 Valentine's day together at a monster truck rally. It was awesome. 
We spent 2010 Valentine's day with him in Philadelphia and me in China. 
We spent 2011 Valentine;s day with him in Philadelphia and me in Oklahoma.
We will spend 2012 Valentine's day together in Phoenix.

The together part is so exciting. We no longer have to go weeks and months without seeing each other. We no longer spend holidays apart, we spend them together.
Being married rocks.
...and doing it is pretty cool too....

Happy Valentine's Day internet world.
Spend it with someone that you love.


Monday, February 13, 2012


My mom and I started our road trip on Thursday. 
We made a pit stop in OKC.
Where I perfectly parallel parked my car on the first try. Thank you east coast for teaching me something.

We stopped to see Cathy.
And we needed her internet and printer.
Win. Win. Win.

After we hugged each other 
 My mom and I were off.

I don't really have any pics of our drive. Because we were driving and that isn't safe. Plus. I'm originally from Arizona so I've seen the drive before :) Just imagine mountains and desert.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be here. Marshall and I get to experience a new place and make more memories. Living with my Aunt Nancy is going to be good for my soul, the weather is going to make me a happy little sweaty girl and living back in the state where I lived for 5 years and my family grew up is fun!

My mom and I had a great drive and wonderful conversation. I'm so thankful she was able to sneak away and make the drive with me.

The past few days we have taken over my Aunt's house. We have done a little shopping.... maybe a lot. Arizona has good shopping.
 My mom and I bought matching blazers. My aunt was loving them so she went back and got the same one. Twinsiesss

Auntie Nancy has been showing us around, pointing out all the hot spots and she took us to this cool little family owned restaurant. 
 I ordered a sloppy joe.  That's how cool this place was.
Also, the bathrooms were even unique.
 Marshall Walker. Mrs. Walker.

I can't wait to spend the next 3 months with my roomies! 
Thanks Aunt Nancy for being so kind and gracious to us. 
We love you!