Monday, May 28, 2012

celebrating us

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is Tuesday but since Marshall has to work we celebrated it this weekend. My parents so kindly booked us a hotel room for the night so we could be alone...

Disadvantage to having a roommate while being newlyweds... you can't just do it whenever/wherever. You have to be a lot more cautious... 
So we gladly accepted their gift of privacy!

Our hotel was downtown Denver and parking at the hotel was $29 a night! I was not about to pay that considering we live 20 minutes away so I pulled the "it's our 1 year anniversary" line and they gave it to us for free! Score!

When we check in I mentioned again "it's our 1 year anniversary" and they upgraded us to a "mountain view" room and said they would send something up to our room.... Score again!
See the mountains...

There was also a complimentary "managers reception" aka, free drinks and apps.
So we sat there and enjoyed a beverage before heading to dinner. Score again!
(and Kendra pointed out that it looks like someone is swimming in the wine. not even planned!)

 After, we headed to dinner.
The only picture we took... self picture in an elevator. Fail.

We went to a fancy place, and by fancy I mean the lighting was really low, there were multiple wine glasses set on the table, and the wait staff was dressed in the same clothing. 
There also wasn't a hamburger or french fries on the menu.

They found out it was our anniversary and brought a hand written card over to our table.
It was a sweet little note inside saying congrats and blah blah. So thoughtful, but nothing for free. Well they didn't charge us for one small item, so we'll take it! Score again!

We rushed back to the hotel to catch the end of the Thunder/Spurs game.... sad game.
And found a note from the hotel saying there was a cheese tray in the refrigerator and a card.
This is what the card said...
They spelt anniversary wrong. Fail to them.
 It's the thought that counts right...

Why haven't I used this occasion before to get free stuff and attention?
Is it because I'm an honest person.... uhh.

It was a blast just walking around downtown being tourists, eating really good food, and celebrating each other. 

And a huge thanks to my parents for making it happen! Literally... "it" happened... TMI? 


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Sam said...

don't lie, you're still going to do it on tuesday....


is it weird that i teared up during this post!? idk why... just made me happy for you! i love happy people and love. yes, i love love.

ps... i think the guy from the post bellow is cute. can you work on this for me please? I've got you and Val both on hot Dr. patrol via your husbands' friends. Much appreciated!