Friday, May 11, 2012

let's rehearse a dinner

As you all know because you read my blog daily, I flew back to Oklahoma for my sweet friend Karli's wedding. Karli and I have known each other since we were a bunch of awkward pre teens who couldn't drive. She just so happened to still be dating her high school beau. So the wedding weekend was also an 8 year high school reunion.

We started the weekend off with a super fun rehearsal dinner.
The beautiful bride and I. She looked stunning!

There were old pictures all over the place of Karli and Luke when they were little little.
We loved making fun of them, but were also so thankful they didn't have any group shots of us in them.
Highschool is just awkward.

 I love wedding events because it means I get to see my besties that I never get to see!
My college girls. 

My high school girls

Stillwater High School gang. So fun getting to catch up with everyone. Some of us haven't changed a bit!
both of them... Best smile, 2004

Most likely to say "hi", 2004

Mr. Pioneer, 2004

I got "Most Talkative" in HS. Are we surprised by this?

After dinner we headed to a local bar and hung out some more.
We didn't stay long because we had to get some sleep. 
Karli was putting us to work the next day!


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