Thursday, May 3, 2012

reeves-walker photo booth

I was feeling all sentimental and started looking at our photo booth wedding pictures last night. I decided to post a few (okay, a lot, you know I can't resist pictures) in honor of our 1 year anniversary this month!! 

China Heart pose. Typical.

 My friends are just so cute and funny. And I'm a little upset I'm not in more of them!

Marshall and his best man had a couple of really awesome ones.
Like that clock... that wasn't apart of the prop box, he stole that from the wall?? I never saw a clock in that room.... Where did that clock come from?
And the flashing picture. Classic

My cousin Jessica and her husband Travis took the no shirt pose to a whole new level.
 These might be in my top 5 favorite pics.

Our wedding photographers took a break and joined in.
They. Are. Awesome. Go book them for your next gig.

These 2 are getting married in 2 weeks!
I think this is accurate.

Our hilarious friends, Scott and his wife, my bridesmaid Valerie (from Threads Thoughts and Things, remember she made all my bridesmaids dresses and she could probably make yours too, just email her, she also has an Etsy Shop)
I now take pictures turned around in the photo booth thanks to them.

Our families really delivered in the photo booth. 
My nephew Jett looks terrified.

My nephews Stratton and Dawson are attempting to do the "Go Pokes" shooting of their guns! Represent.

My cousin and her girls being adorable.

Mid drink.

Marshall's cousins and their husbands are showing their skill of crossing their eyes. Except for Seth in the green wig....
And yes, that is THE Whitney English Kolb in the pink. The one who gave me a job which led me to fall in love with her crazy cousin. Thanks for hiring me even though I was a little crazy.

The cousins took a few with my Papa.
 What a cute, precious old man!

But I'm not sure much compares to the ones of my Grammie and Papa.
So glad she was alive and healthy then.
 I pray Marshall and I are still making out in photo booths in 60 years.

But I think some of the pictures look better in the true photo booth format. 
XOXO Gossip Girl, from my friend's husband!

Our friend Jeremiah and then Valerie's husband Scott did the switch-a-roo.

My cute little cousin Cooper just loving it alone.

But the ones that make me laugh the most when looking through all the pictures are the people that do not use props, do not do poses, they just simply sit and smile. They are my favorite.

 But Marshall's aunt and uncle took the simple picture to a whole new level.
They aren't even there till the end!!

 If I could post ALL of them I would. Because every single one of them made me laugh and laugh. I love knowing that people had a good time at our wedding. Because we sure did.

Happy Thursday.

p.s. If anyone needs a photo booth in the Oklahoma area T-Town Photo Booth is so great. Very personal and very reasonably priced, believe me, I did everything on a budget. They are awesome!



Anonymous said...

i'm dying.
cutest pictures ever.
lets be friends.

Danielle said...

This is the cutest!!! Love it!! You're adorable.

Valerie said...

you did have the greatest photobooth of all time, literally. jett is killing me. xoxo gossip girl is awesome. your g-parents are the best. i don't know what you and marsh are doing in the last picture, but its a good one. (thanks for the shoutout!)

T-Town Photobooth said...

Thanks for mentioning us again, Heidi. I think you and Marshall are still our favorite couple of all time!
Thanks to Valerie, too, for the kind words about the photo booth. Since your wedding, we've added a new booth with a larger screen, higher resolution, and video capability. More info at!