Saturday, April 14, 2012

Celebrity Cribs

We spent Saturday afternoon in Scottsdale touring the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
It was a chilly windy day. But compared to the 90's we've been having, I welcomed the breeze.

 This is Frank's office where he came up with his brilliant designs.
 Including the short entryways.

I was so excited to touch real grass. And it's green. This place is magical.

Part of the campus. 

Frank's shower.

Frank's bedroom.

 Frank's bunker and movie theater.

His model home for Marilyn Monroe.

 The classroom for his students. 
That I danced on... 

The theater. 

It was pretty incredible to see and learn about. If you are in the area, enjoy architecture and design,  and have the time I would recommend checking it out.

We went into Scottsdale, ate a delicious meal, and found this beauty. 
Go Cowboys!!!
Shoot those guns.



Valerie said...

i have totally been to that FLW house before! although i did not see that Designs for Fabric book on my previous trip, and i think i need to have it for my own.

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh!! This is the neatest thing ever!! I would love to go! I graduated with an Interior Design degree, so this def interests me ;)