Friday, April 30, 2010

it's hotttttttt in beijing

It's a holiday weekend in China so what else is there to do but pack up and head out! We really wanted to go somewhere south, see more of China... however, it didn't work out that way for many reasons, so we settled on where else, but Beijing.

Kylie and I wanted to go up early, do some shopping, so Kevin was going to meet us later.
We boarded our train. We were on the fast train which means a luxury trip. Except this time we didn't have seats.
We sat on our bags next to the door, hoping it wouldn't fly open. I don't know how students stand or sit on their bags for 25 hour train rides. Incredible. It must be all that squatting they grew up doing.

When we got to the train station in BJ, Robin was waiting for us. Surprise! He came with us to find out hostel, we didn't know where we were going, we didn't print out a map.
But I did take a picture on my camera. So Robin worked his magic and after 20 minutes of sweating in the sun we found it!

We wanted to stay somewhere we have never stayed before in a part of town we have never really adventured out in.

We made an excellent choice.
Our hostel was full of flowers.
Natural sunlight and friendly people.
They have only been open a month so it was still clean, kind of pricey, but worth it. The beds were delightful, an actual bed and an actual mattress and actually comfortable. Oh and the showers... I could go on and on about that. Perfect.

We ditched Robin and did some shopping. We walked and walked. And walked some more.
We went to the foreign grocery store for some comfort food.
I dominated a cream soda. It had been to long.

For dinner we met up with Kevin.
Tim's Texas Bar B-Q. We actually got to meet Tim. He was there. I am bringing him OSU gear to hang up next time I go. We share the same hatred for OU.
Kylie and I enjoyed our margaritas.
I dominated a BBQ sammy. It tasted like home.
And this place felt like home. (Oklahoma, not my parents house)
This old dude wore a 80's shirt and danced horribly with this young girl.
Yup. Felt like home.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

you don't forget your 1st

I can't believe I have been here 8 months. And I really can't believe I have only a few months left. Woah...
I wasn't able to access my blog when I first got here, but thanks to Tim and after a few months of research he was able to find us a program that allowed us to sneak around. What would I have done without him and his geeky tech brain?

Since I missed blogging my first few months, I thought I would share with you some of my firsts.

First picture (by myself) with my celeb. blog friend Kara. She will always be a celeb. to me.

First picture as team Sci-Tech. Who would have known we would dominate so much?

First team picture. Not as many of these as I would have liked.

First plane ride where I get to watch movies! And I did. THE WHOLE WAY.

First picture of Robin! He picked us up from the airport, grabbed our bags, threw us in a van and we were off on a 4 hour terrifying ride. I had no idea the incredible friendship that would soon be formed.

First random food on the bus I saw. Save me a piece of that corn.

First coffee shop experience. Western toilets. Yes please.

First Olympic park experience. My new little oasis.

First time on a Chinese beach. Hot.

First, and only so far, hospital experience. Horrifying.

First class. 5th years. Hoodrats. I had no idea at this point.

First chocolate popcorn... uh why is it so good?

First ketchup since America! What would I have done without KETCHUP?

First hike on the Great Wall. It is actually green this time.

First picture of a split pant baby. Be glad I didn't take a picture of the first time I saw a kid pooping in a trash can.

That was fun. Thanks for going on my trip down memory lane with me.

I do love this place.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

fake out. it's not spring anymore.

The fam came out to our school for Sunday family time. It was weird to have everyone at OUR school for a change. I enjoyed being the hostess again, I miss that.
We also had some real life family with us. Heidi's dad and little brother came to visit!

They look the same.
I might have creeped her brother Chad out a bit, but I couldn't get over his beautiful blonde shaggy hair. And it has been a LONG time since I have seen a kid other than a little pudgy Chinese kid. Chad is hip and pretty dang cool, and his chopstick skills are really coming along.

After the team left it was time to go for a family haircut trip. Really it was just Kevin and Robin, but we had to go with to watch over Kevin.

First time for a haircut since America. A big day in his life.
You can never be too careful when trying to communicate exactly what you want.
And you really just have to trust the one with the scissors.
I think he should just style it like that. The students would dig that.

While we waited, this hair cutters son entertained us.
He was an ornery little munchkin.

He would yell in English "HOW ARE YOU? FINE, THANK YOU!" It was precious. But then he would just give us this stink eye.

And hide.
After he climbed all over things and pulled out the music cord I was glad he wasn't mine.

Chinese or American. Kids are cute.

As for Kevin's hair... it looks exactly the same as before. No mullet. I would say that is a successful haircut.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has FINALLLY arrived

Finally. It felt like it was supposed to feel when it is almost May. Since I have this annoying internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 8:25 am even when I don't need to wake up. I woke up early, with no plans for my day. I went for a run. Well, what I do isn't exactly running, but it makes me feel like I accomplish something. And I did this in a t-shirt. No jacket. That's a big deal.

And since the weather is nice, Robin got the key so we can get on the roof. We want to catch some rays without people starring at us. He attempted to take me up there today.
Except it wasn't what I expected.
It was like a death sentence to get up there. I decided to wait.

Instead, I took a lovely bike ride to the park.
I set up my giant towel blanket on this little patch of growing grass.
Grow little guys, grows!

I had my book, my music, my sunglasses, my chapstick. I rolled up my Thai pants, stripped off my cardigan, and was ready for some sunshine, relaxation, and stares. Of course stares, this is not normal in China.

However, I was distracted... and I couldn't help it.
These 2 horn balls were making out the whole time. And I must say, a very very awkward make out. Their hand placements made me uncomfortable.

And then this guy showed up
And played his saxophone the entire time. It was so soothing.

I felt like I was in a movie.
And these 2 were the stars.

I was just hoping they weren't my students.

Gotta love the love.

And gotta love the sunshine.