Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter in tucson

We woke up early Easter morning and went to church with Myrna.
And then proceeded to have a photo shoot outside.
When in your Sunday best, take pictures!
Or my motto, just take pictures.

Myrna apparently has a huge Easter dinner at her house with all of her kids and grandkids. She has 17 grandkids. All I see is dollar signs when I hear that. 

Us young kids decided to get out of her house so she could get ready and grab a small bite to eat.
We're just a couple of newlyweds.

We heard there was a "river" close by so we wanted to check it out.
It's a sand river. Arizona needs some rain.
But it kept us occupied hunting for critters and cheering on the cyclists when they rode by.
We couldn't handle the heat so we headed back to the house and watched Myrna work while we relaxed on the couch. We're really good guests like that.Before we knew it, 25 people were in her house and everyone was having a good time and trying to figure out who we were.
She has a big egg hunt for her grandkids, but now her youngest is 11, that doesn't stop her. They just weren't as excited as I'm sure they used to be. An egg hunt in the desert is dangerous and challenging.
Matthew and I grew up together, our families are basically family, I'm the sister they never had, and we even occasionally would have holidays together. So it was fun spending Easter with him and his super cool wife Candace (side note- if Candace and I didn't get along then we would be in trouble. But we more than get along. I  consider her a great great friend and I am so happy that Matthew found her!)

I feel so lucky to have such great couple friends in our lives. Even if they all live all over the country, it's so fun to be able to get together for random weekends and share life together.

And a big thanks to Myrna for her incredible hospitality. I can only imagine the great parties my Grammie and her threw back in the day. 



Laura Darling said...

What a sad river!! Wow! Looks like you had a great your dress!

Kendra said...

Cutest deviled eggs, ever. Oh my.

(and I second the dress comment, very cute!)

Brittany said...

Myrna!!! Love her.

Valerie said...

Those plastic plates are genius.

Ashley said...

looks like you all had such a great holiday. that pic of Candice and the two guys in the street is AWESOME!!
and i love your Easter dress! You look so pretty!