Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My May

My month of May is a full month. It's full of fun, but with fun comes exhaustion. I'm trying to catch up on my sleep now to prepare me for the weeks ahead/ Let me give you a preview of my month... so when you don't hear from me, you know why.

May 5-6- Our last weekend together in Phoenix. We have to go out with a bang!

May 7-  My birthday! I turn 26! Feel free to send me gifts... I'm not picky.

May 10- I fly back to Oklahoma for my dear friend Karli's wedding on the 12th.
She is marrying her high school sweetheart and we went to HS together so I'm excited for the mini reunion that will be happening! And of course to see her finally get married!!! 

May 11th- Marshall's last work day! Yay for him! But he can't come to Oklahoma. Sad face.

May 13th- Obviously this is Mother's Day, so I'm happy to be home with my sweet momma!
 But it's going to be a difficult day because it would also have been my Grammie's birthday (my mom's mom).
It has been about 9 months since she went to be with Jesus and not a day goes by we don't all miss her. 

May 14- I will fly back to Phoenix. 
 And my oldest nephew Dawson turns 6 and makes me think I should start having babies so my kids have cousins semi their age...
He is seriously smarter than me.

May 16-ish-  Pack and load the car. And then cry, hug Aunt Nancy goodbye and make the drive from Phoenix to Denver.

May 21- Marshall starts his new rotation in Denver and we have to figure out a new city again.

May 29th- We celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!
1 year and I will have moved to 3 different states (pa, az, co)



Hannah DeVries said...

I feel like "Laying out with Hannah and having camping adventures with the Lesleys" should have been included in the timeline. Whatevs:)

Heidi said...

Hannah! This is just May... I expect to do that the rest of the summer time. Except when you are getting married and DOING IT!

Emily Davis said...

and I thought WE moved alot... ha! Just reading this makes me tired. But it all sounds like so much fun! And the summer is the best time to be in Denver, anyway. So pretty!

xoxo, Emily