Where do you live again?

This blog was started when I moved to China in August 2010, when my boyfriend (now husband) moved to Philadelphia to start Optometry school. 
Since returning from my year of eating way too much MSG and teaching Chinese students to talk like an Okie, I have been many places. 

We got married May 29, 2012.
And I then moved from Oklahoma to Philadelphia, because a long distance marriage is for celebrities and professional sports stars.

We lived in Philly for 8 months, packed our car full and started our tour of the country for his optometry rotations.

I get asked all the time... "Where are you living right now?" "How long are you there for?" 

No one ever knows.... I hardly ever know.

But if you want to know. Read This
Because probably by the time I wrote this and you read it, we have moved onto the next great 3 month adventure

p.s. Cheat sheet reference guide... Phoenix, Denver, back to Philly, Miami