Thursday, September 29, 2011

October schedule

My month of October at Oklahoma State University was always the busiest. Thanks to homecoming no one really had a free moment until November.

I haven't had a busy October since college.

Until now.

I know you are wondering what I could be doing that isn't putting tiny pieces of tissue paper through chicken wire for hours (pomping reference), so let me tell you.
  • October 2, Marshall and I are going on a mural tour of the city for a fundraiser for his school. Did you know that Philadelphia has more murals than any city in the US? Google it. It's true.
  • Cathy and Megan will be in NYC the next week so I am working on going up there for a day to see them!!
  • October 8-9, The Bryants will be here for some SIX FLAGS FUN!!!! We have been trying to plan this weekend since I moved here. The lovely couple gave us Six Flags tickets for our wedding. Brilliant.
  • October 12-15, Marshall and I are road tripping it to TORONTO. That's in CANADA people. He randomly has this time off, so heck yes road trip! We are going to hit up Niagara Falls on our way back, re-enact the wedding of Jim and Pam, and get soaking wet.
  • October 28-31 I will be back in OKLAHOMA for the wedding of 2 very dear friends, Matthew and Candace. Marshall can't go he has school (of course) so I will be traveling solo.
And somewhere in there I need to go to that gym I joined...

This might seem like a normal month for most people. But for us, this is pretty eventful. And I am soo excited.

Bring it on October!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

who am i??

I have a confession.

Never did I think I would do this. I did the unthinkable.

I joined a gym.
I know. I'm still a little in shock too.

One time I went to the gym with Cathy. She worked out. I sat on the floor and watched TV.

But I'm getting a little bit stir crazy.
Some days, I don't ever go outside, I don't ever have human contact with anyone but my husband (his human contact is the best if you know what I mean... wink wink).

So, I decided to get a gym membership.
I'm still a little bit nervous about all this. It's a big step in my life. I hope I don't look like a clown on the machines. I don't even know how to work the machines.

But, I'm growing up. It's time I learned.

I also hope I learn to do these moves.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

where will the walkers live?

It's official! We know where we will be living for the next year and a half. And by know where, I mean city and state. The physical place we will sleep, that may take a while to figure out.

Here is our current tentative schedule and route for Marshall's optometry rotations.

  • February 2012 we leave Philadelphia (not ready to leave yet) and head to Phoenix, Arizona where we will be living with my kind and gracious Aunt Nancy.
  • May 2012 leave AZ before it gets really hot and head to Denver, CO.
  • August (I think) 2012 say goodbye to the beautiful weather in CO and go BACK to Philly for the fall.
  • December 2012 move south to Miami where we will be for the longest amount of time, 6 months.
  • May 2013, Marshall graduates! We are kind of almost free, kind of...
Once we are done with rotations he will start to pay back his IHS scholarship. That will be a couple of years, but once he is finished doing that, THEN we will be free!!! And we can live wherever we want! Until then, I pray that our amazing Father will lead us and open an IHS position in a city and state that we can be surrounded by great friends and family.

I pray that state is Oklahoma.

Until then, we will enjoy this crazy, ridiculous, journey that we are on.
And if anyone knows of any short term leases, furnished housing, a bedroom, anything in these areas please let me know. We really do not want to have to drive a Uhaul across the country 100 times.

And Hannah, get ready! We can play for 3 months and be real life friends!


Monday, September 26, 2011

goodbye my loves

My Parents last half day with us.
I hate saying goodbye.

But before we did we took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant for tacos!
And as fast as those tacos were gone, so were they.

I can't wait until the next time we are together.
Which will be the end of October when I'm home for 2 great friends wedding.
Family time is just so precious.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

five guys

We headed back down to the Italian Market.
The sun was actually shinning today, and it was hot, but we needed to get these people a traditional Philly cheese steak.
We prefer to go to this little window joint by Marshall's old house. There is never a line, and it's cheaper than all those tourist joints. Plus they have all kinds of good hoagies.
I think they were a hit.

We walked around for a bit then headed out of the city.
Side note: This man has a parrot and he puts him outside in this tree and the bird doesn't fly away. He just sits there and makes crazy noises and scares you. Weird.

Ever since I have moved here I have heard people talk about "KOP". I needed to get to KOP. And I needed my mom to go with me.

KOP is King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It has the biggest mall I have ever seen. It is 2 malls attached together by a walk way. Both malls have some of the same stores and you really get lost in this one.

It is about 30 minutes from our house so an easy shopping trip. The guys brought their study materials (dad, flying. marshall, eyes.) and us girls brought our walking shoes.

The boys however ended up at a brewery INSIDE of the mall, drank beers all afternoon and watched football. No studying was done.

We met up for dinner at the Reeves favorite hamburger joint.
It really could be my dad, brother, and sister-in-laws favorite place. Oklahoma just got it's first one, an hour plus from Stillwater, and my brother drives it often.

This was Marshall's first Five Guys experience.
He has lived here for 2 years and never has gone. What a crazy person.

My dad was not pleased with the amount of fries we were given so took it upon himself to get some free. If you have been before you know they give you way more than you order. They give you the cup size full then add a whole lot to the bottom of your bag.

My dad didn't believe that they filled the bottom of the bag enough. So he told them how much he loves Five Guys and showed them the picture on his phone background of my brothers and their sons in front of a Five Guys. It's Five guys in front of a Five Guys. They are obsessed.

After closing down the mall we headed back to the city. We were on the same side of town as the art museum and it was still light outside so we stopped for some picture opts.
It was fun, exhausting day.

Shopping can make you so tired.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

pizza, beer, and the cowboys.

Our mornings have been pretty lazy. Waking up later than normal, drinking coffee (them, not me) taking our time getting ready. Relaxing. After all, it is vacation for my hard working parents.

Saturday, after our lazy morning, we realized we should get out of the house.
So we headed to the subway.
Destination was the Reading Terminal Market. A GIANT food market with any type of food you could imagine. I love food. This place is magical.

After lunch we walked around downtown.
Showed them how the wealthy people live here.

My mom and I sent the boys to the brewery.
We met up with them later after they had a few beers.

We ended the night with a technology, football family night.
We skyped both my brothers, one in Oklahoma and one in Virginia and we watched the OSU game together.
All 3 locations were randomly having pizza for dinner.
It was so much fun all being together through the computer screen. The last time we all watched a football game together was forever ago.
I love technology.
And I looove my Cowboys.


Friday, September 23, 2011

haven't we been to philly

Friday morning POURED, actually the whole day it POURED. Not great weather for site seeing.

We started our morning with a good ole greasy diner breakfast.

Who doesn't love homemade jams and biscuits.

Marshall had to go to school for the afternoon so we decided to head up to school with him, show the parents where he spends the majority of his time, do some shopping, and try to avoid the down pour.

On our way to his school we found this sign.
They ship to prisons. I love Philly.

After school and shopping we had dinner reservations at one of our new favorite Chinese restaurants, Han Dynasty. We call it Handy Nasty.

Regardless of rain jackets and umbrellas, we still showed up soaking wet.
But we didn't care. The food was delicious.
Nothing can stop the joy eggplant brings me.

After dinner it sopped raining!
We were already down in Old City so we deicided to just walk.
We headed toward the historical stuff.
It was dark, but at least it wasn't bombarded with tourists.
My dad wanted so badly to cross the street at Independence Hall but the guards would not have that.
While looking at Independence Hall my parents realized that they have been to Philadelphia before. They think it was before they were married. They still have no idea why they were here, or who with, or what for. This was during their hippie days. So of course they were drugged out. It was a pretty humorous conversation.

I love that.
Because they believe they have already seen all the historical stuff, we didn't have to go there again in the daylight.