Monday, May 31, 2010

dear peanut butter cookies- why do you taste so good?

Monday- blah, rainy, blahhhhh

Luckily for me, I live 10 feet down the hall from Robin. So my rainy blah days usually are brightened by the Rob Man.

When my parents came they came with presents. We had team China shirts made, and Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology shirts made. We are pretty tight.

We gave Cool and Robin a shirt.
They wore them today. China loves matching couple shirts.

We needed something to do... so Marshall and I made 2 dozen peanut butter cookies.
It was their first time.

Not so sure if they enjoyed them... but Kylie, Kevin, Marshall, and I didn't leave one cookie uneaten.

We. Are. Fatties.

Happy Memorial Day.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


The sun shined today in Tianjin.
We could see the buildings.

The kids were out.

And so were the giant air filled nightmares.

We spent a good part of our day doing what we do best.
Taking pictures of giant huge gold doors.

And we spent some more QT at Starbucks.
Playing Word Warp. We love it. We dominate it.

We hit up the antique market.
Saw a lot of old things.

We got our Coca Cola drink on.

And then we headed to the wheel.
I went on it last time at night, but since the sky was so clear I wanted to go again. And this time with Marshall.
It was fun being with him up there. On top of Tianjin.

We rushed to grab dinner, and to the train station only to find out our train was actually 2 hours late.

We took the slow train back. It was smoky, loud, hot, crowded, and slow. You pay for what you get. We got home real late but we had such a fun time just being together we didn't care.

I'm so lucky I get to have him in my life.


Friday, May 28, 2010

sweet child o mine

Marshall and I decided to take off for the weekend. We boarded the train. Tianjin bound.
Since we made such last minute plans we were without seats. But we still had fun eating our giant loaf of bread and watching Community.

When we got to Tianjin the weather was kind of poopy. But we didn't let that hold us back.
All of our pictures from the day look like this. No self timers this trip.

This guy was bathing in the river in his undies.

We made multiple trips to the Bucks.

And a walk through the park.
They love roses here. Love them.

And we just kept walking.
And wandered.

The road signs here are pretty wonderful.
What is this one trying to tell us?

And this man on the side of the road... What is he trying to tell us?
He is washing his bus in his undies?

That makes me happy.

Our evening plans included dinner and a Guns n' Roses tribute concert. Hot date.
It was so weird. Being in a music hole in the wall joint like that, it felt like America.
Except for of course the Chinese singing and hot beer. That felt like China.

But then the other foreigners brought it back to America for me. This lady was getting way to into the GNR Chinese boys.

Tomorrow will include more walking, wandering, and enjoying being together.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"he was just my work crush"

30 girls in one class is a lot to handle. 30 girls in one class plus 1 hot handsome boy is too much to handle.
We did the usual. Talk about dating, talk about us, answer questions, and then play our dating game. But since we have no boys, Marshall got to be the lucky bachelor.
He tried to look to see who his girls were. But really his girl was standing in front of him the whole time.
Uhhhh. Marshall plus Spiderman. My hero.
He picked Summer. Which I was not jealous at all. She is one of my favorite students. Marshall says he picked her because when asked "if you could go anywhere else in the world where would you go?" she said, "another planet"

He likes the creative strange cute little girls. Oh that's just like me!

We are done with classes for the week. I got really good at telling our love story. I knew the parts that would totally make all the girls swoon. They ate that shiz up.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"well we met at work"

Today on our walk to class we saw this.
Way to try and go green China. 5 stars for effort.

Class was just as I imagined.
We talked about dating and relationships and then we played a dating game. I almost felt bad for my students at some points. Just almost.

We shared with them our love story.
And we told them about our 1st date. I flossed at dinner and for sure thought I ruined all my chances. He thought it was funny and cute. Yup. He's a keeper.

After class Robin entertained us by doing his usual sprints down the hall.
This guy is nuts.


Monday, May 24, 2010

back to reality... sort of..

I didn't want to say bye. I was having way too much fun, but my parents were strong, and so was I. We hugged a lot, a few tears, my dad told me to be careful crossing the road, and then before I knew it they were gone.

I still had to go back to QHD. After almost missing our train, we made it and were on our way.

We were reunited with Robin and it felt good to see his smiling face when we got home.

For dinner we had hot pot/BBQ. 2 of my least favorite meals here.
But the boys were loving it.
I ate fried rice. There is just something about the chewy meat that really does nothing for me.

Tomorrow class all day. It's show 'n tell. I'm bringing my boyfriend and telling them about him.

I expect a lot of ''oooohhhhsss" and "ahhhhhhhhs"