Saturday, March 31, 2012


 The end of the month, means the end of Fat Mum Slim's #marchphotoaday
I almost did every single day. Almost.
And in case you missed me on Twitter and Instagram (heidireeves) here ya go.

up, fruit, your neighborhood, bedside, smile, 5pm, something you wore, window, red

loud, someone you talked to, fork, sign 

clouds, car, sunglasses, green, corner of your home, before/after, delicious, moon, animal

breakfast, key, trash, feet, toy, where you relax

There is a new April challenge up, not sure if I'm going to participate. 
Shoot... what else do I have to do...


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We finally went and saw The Games. 
It was killing me to wait so long, but I got to go to California for the weekend so I shouldn't complain. First World Problems.
I didn't read any reviews, I wouldn't listen to any recaps I wanted to go into the movie with no expectactions. Because when has the movie EVER been better or even comparable to the book?
I didn't want to be disappointed. 

I'm not even going to share my thoughts because I know some of you haven't seen the movie (cough my mom and sis-in-law cough) and I don't want to ruin it for you.
You're welcome.

But Valerie (who introduced me to the books last fall and has a super cute Etsy shop) sent me a girl's blog post who recaps it perfectly. So if you want to know exactly how I felt about it, read the review here. Seriously, everything she said I was like "YES, that's how I felt too.."
I can't wait to go see it again.
ahh. love.




Have I told you about my twin?
I have a teeth twin, and she is my cousin Amber (nicknamed Peeps since she was a wee one)
Our moms are sisters (we are living with her mom), she is 2 1/2  years older than me, and we believe we were actually twins separated at birth. We have a theory.

After my family moved from Arizona to Oklahoma when I was 6 we only saw each other maybe once a year. Yet, every time we were together again all of our similarities came out. It really is creepy how alike we are. Our family says we share a brain, we sound the exact same on the phone, and our teeth are the same. Why haven't they done a study on us yet?

Pre braces our teeth looked nothing the same. 
But post braces those babies straightened to look identical to each other.
Take a look for yourself.
We take a lot of pictures like this. 
 Admiring one another's teeth. Because it's really like looking into the mirror. We also get food stuck in the same location. Yeah, I know.

She got married in December 2007
I was her Maid of Honor.

I got married in May 2011
She was my Matron of Honor.

If I could I would dig up all the old pictures and videos of us. My brothers and her sisters are older so they hung out with themselves. But we had each other. We have always had each other.
 Cousins are just so special. One of the many reasons why I want to live close to family when we have kids.

Speaking of kids... Did I mention Peeps is pregnant.
This was Saturday when this picture was taken.
But this morning at 5:30 am I got a phone call from her husband Tom saying Peeps was having a baby!
She lives in Florida and I wanted to jump on a plane and be there with her. I couldn't go back to sleep, I was so excited, so anxious, so nervous. 

A good couple hours later their 1st child was born.
Blake Thomas Kubalewski
And he is a beautiful baby.
And I am unbelievably happy for them.

They are going to be incredible parents. Blake has no idea how cool of parents he has.
Congrats Kubs! So happy for your new family of 3!
Can't wait to meet him!

p.s. last night I was having major stomach aches, this morning after getting the call that my cousin was in labor I think it was just twin cramps because my other half was having a baby :) 


Monday, March 26, 2012

i love lamp.

Our day 2 in SD was similar to day 1. 
We walked around, ate free hotel food for lunch, took pictures.

But we have different clothes on in our pictures, and they are semi different backgrounds...

We started the cloudy day by driving over to Coronado Island.
It's a little fancy island that has a great view of the city.

A lady offered to take our picture after she saw us trying to set up the camera.
She grabbed the camera and immediately said "1,2,3 smile". We had no time to prepare. It was odd.

We walked around some more.
Set up the camera some more.
We drove over to the other side of the island where there is a really nice beach that was full of volleyball games and children playing.
There is also this really expensive fancy resort over there. 
We walked around, pretending we were guests. But I doubt they have continental breakfast. So really, we win.

We left the island and headed to Balboa Park. Which is where the famous (overly priced) San Diego zoo is. But the park is so big that we found a prime people watching area to have our *free* lunch!
When I say this spot was a prime people watching spot, I mean it.
There was a softball team having practice. There was one guy who played with a glove in one hand and a coke can in the other. And he caught the ball a lot. There was one girl and she never caught the ball, but when she finally did her team cheered so loud for her. Great team spirit they had.

There was this hippy/hipster on his tight rope thing. He sucked, but gradually improved.

There was also a man with a metal detector that dug up some things a few times (you can spot him in the left side of the softball picture), a group of hipsters with hula hoops, and 2 little boys with mullets down to their butts.
The sunshine, the relaxing, the people, it was the perfect afternoon activity with my husband.

But we still had a place we wanted to see, so we packed up and drove to this area called Point Loma. 
It's way way down south of SD and has great views too!
And there is a lighthouse just a short hike up to the top.
Marshall already knew how a lens works. Thanks optometry school!

Seriously, how great is that hair?

Late that night, we met up with some of Marshall's guys that he works with here in Phoenix. They are 4th years and were also in SD for the weekend. 
They took us downtown and we got our party on.
All I have to say is optometrists know how to have fun.

Besides the $4.50 gas prices, San Diego was the shiz. I would go back, but not until I can wear a bathing suit!

Him being done with this test means more fun and exploring Arizona!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Vivian is one!

I'd like to give a birthday shout out to the only baby girl in the Reeves family.

Happy 1st Birthday Vivian!
She was snoozin' when I called to wish her a happy birthday. The life of a one year old... 

I can't wait until she is old enough to date boys. But knowing her father, my oldest brother, didn't even think I should date boys until I was grandparent age, I'm guessing he is going to think the same thing for his own daughter. But I still can't wait. I hope that she thinks I'm the cool aunt and tells me all her secrets. We can go shopping, get fro-yo and talk about the cute boys she has crushes on. 
She might look like she doesn't really trust me with her boy secrets in this picture, but she will.

Happy Birthday Vivian! I wish we lived closer so we could feed you cupcakes and take your picture with icing all over your face!


you stay classy San Diego

Well, we made it to and from San Diego. 
And, as usual, I recap. Prepare yourself. Photo overload.

Thursday, we didn't leave as early as planned, so we got to SD around dinner, ate a delicious Thai meal and passed out from a food coma.

Friday, we woke up ready to see the city. The weather was a little bit more chilly than I had hoped for so we had to make do with what we had in our suitcase.

We drove down to La Jolla cove where all the seals hang out. And it's birthing season so we were hoping to see a birth!
We didn't. But that's okay.  

We did see this guy trying to jump on his bike off this baby cliff.
But with all the people watching him he chickened out. Sucka.

We walked around, took singlet pictures of each other like we were on our honeymoon.
Took a lot of self-timered photos too.

Laughed at how many "please do not feed squirrels" signs there were. And how many people were actually feeding them. Also, these squirrels are like giant rats. They are freaky, and they are everywhere.

 We walked out onto this little bridge thing. It was right by the seals so you could get a better view.
Marshall got seal poo water all over him. 
Gross. Dirty ocean water.

We spent a good 3 hours walking around, taking pictures and people watching and then we had to leave because we were parked for too long. And we will not spend money to park!

The clouds were starting to leave and the sun was coming out so we decided to head back to the hotel, put some shorts on, eat some food, and go for a hike.

I will say that we made it a goal to spend the least amount of money as possible. So during continental breakfast at the hotel we made sure that we wouldn't have to spend money on lunch, grabbing bananas, muffins, bagels, whatever. It worked. 

Besides not coming prepared for the cold, we didn't pack for a hike. But there is this really pretty reserve, Torrey Pines in Del Mar where we staying and we wanted to hike up it. So we just made do with what we had.
Keds for me.

Skate shoes for Marshall.

But we weren't alone in our unpreparedness.
This guy had a stroller. And not the fancy jogging type.

We finally made it to the top and the views from all directions were amazing. 
There were tons of different trails you could take to get you to different viewpoints.

One that we took let us to this.
 Fancy photography shoot with really blonde/white hair girl with slutty shoes on.

It made me do this.
And then immediately take a picture like this.
They were giving us the stink eye.

We kept walking, kept taking pictures, and kept loving life.
There was a trail that headed down to the beach a direction we hadn't been yet. When we got down to the beach we were pleasantly surprised.
It was so beautiful and private.
I could sit like this bird for forever here. 
The typical 'girl jumping on beach' picture. 

Marshall diving off the cliff.

 On our walk we found this little romantic gesture.
 I hope this girl said 'yes'. 

 The sun was starting to go down and it was getting pretty chilly again so we decided to head back to the car and watch the sunset from the car.

But we didn't time it very well, because we sat in the car for a while. And then we got hungry.
And we decided to leave when the sun went behind some cloud. As we were driving away the sun came back and it was perfect. 
Patience. Who has it when you're hungry.

We headed back to the hotel got ready for dinner and had a ridiculously good italian meal. Urbanspoon said it was a $ category. But this place was at least $$. Good thing lunch was on the hotel!

Day 2, coming next.