Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mustache Moments

A few photos for your viewing pleasure from our Team Building week in Baltimore....

Kara dropped her computer.... after taking it apart we figured out it's dead... she got a new one that day!

What the heck... We're Science and Tech! Teachers on my campus Kevin and Kylie...aka team domination!

Kylie getting shark attacked.

In case you were wondering what a dolphin trainer looks like while the dolphins are jumping this is pretty accurate... except for maybe me.

And by the end of the week this is how we felt towards each other. just kidding. we still like each other.

Team Science and Tech with Chris and Debbie.

The amazing team with a few of the amazing board members! We are a crazy bunch, which means awesome pictures and stories...get excited for the future.

For more (and better) pics check out Kara's blog. You won't be disappointed... And for those of us who have been creeping on Kara's China blog for months now... just keep creeping people. The secret is out, and she is back!

So until I figure out how to get on the internet in China.... we'll see ya.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Atlantic City. The Vegas of the east

We wanted to spend our last few days relaxing at the beach... however we had to actually make it to the beach first...

It was worse than Disney World. The line to check in was CRAZY. We clumped our luggage together while waiting for our room to become available. The adults stayed to watch the bags, us kids hit the beach!

We set up camp next to these people... I was secretly hoping for a little crack from this guy.

I had to put him on a train back to Philly... can't you tell how sad we are by our sad faces :( 

And the next day Dawson made me feel better by throwing mud sand all over me, thanks Dawson!

The water was warm, the food was delicious, but the family time tops it all. What a great way to spend my last few days!

Back to Baltimore for training, then off to China on Monday. 

I'll talk to you in the future.

Baltimore... the city of mystery

After an interesting Greyhound bus ride we finally arrived in Baltimore to this cute little guy.

We spent some time at the aquarium.

Are these twin sharks or just the reflection? Something you may never know. Thank you Discovery channel Shark Week for all my shark knowledge.

I apologize for the blurriness of the photo but what you are seeing is not a joke. This man was wearing a safari hat with ribbons and flowers. Hot.

We had some quality time with the grandparents

Had an American experience full of hot dogs, beer, and baseball.

We thought the night was over with a little Rita's Ice....

Until the helicopter started swarming above us, the motorcycle cops were racing by, people were running. And we were right in the action. We spent the rest of our time trying not to get shot and watching from the roof top pool. Wondering what happened? Read it here.

Atlantic City next. I wonder what that 'classy' city will bring us....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheesesteak Blues

One thing I have learned while in Philadelphia is it is not always sunny, but it is always hot and humid! We had a blast walking the streets through rain and sweat, then ducking into buildings to sneak in some air conditioning time. But what I enjoyed most, besides hanging out with Marshall, were the amazing photo opts around the city! 

Betsy Ross's house... old man dressed up in his Colonial duds playing this small child a "happy song" as he described it. She is obviously happy. 

Enjoying my delicious Philly Cheesesteak! If you don't know how to order like a true local you are sent back to the end of the line. "I'll have an American wit-out"

Family photo at The Liberty Bell... we desperately wanted to be apart of their family. Apparently they didn't want it, no one is smiling, or happy to be at the Bell!!

This dude and his life friend were totally European by the look of his advanced male fashion statement. Yes ladies and gents that is his bangs slicked back into the poof position. Notice the barrette in his hair. 

And last but certainily not least.... the moment you have been waiting for... Reid's place of employment! We searched the city and found it in Rittenhouse Square (The 5th Avenue of Philadelphia). Val and I peaked in the windows and hung outside for a good while hoping we would get a glimpse of those Kenneth Cole dark framed glasses. But we were unsuccessful. Standing on the same sidewalk he stands everyday was enough for us!

Until next time Suckas. 
Baltimore in the AM, gotta get some shut eye.