Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miami. Don't leave me yet.

I'm sorry, it's been forever. There are no excuses. Except I'm going to make some.
I'm busy. I work, I babysit, I sometimes clean my house.
And my free time hasn't been in front of a computer... it's in front of the TV. duh. jk.

We only have a few weeks left in Miami and we have been trying to take it all in. 
I can't say goodbye to this place. Every time I think about leaving here I get emotional and start to tear up. Being here for 6 months we have made this place our home. We have friends, a church, I have a job, favorite places to go eat, H&M, my 2 favorite ladies at the post office who know my life story. I don't know how I'm going to say bye to our resident homeless man Chuck. We don't know his name, but that's what we call him.

If you talked to me before we moved here then you know I was scared. I didn't know what to expect and I thought it would be the hardest 6 months yet. I was wrong. God completely changed and opened my heart up to this place and these people. I like that no one speaks English and that Cuban food is more common than anything else. It reminds me that this world that God created is big and I'm from a small part of it.

Ah. That's enough for now. I'm going to cry.
I didn't even mention the beach.. ahh the beach! Noooo!

I'll leave you with pictures from a few weekends ago!

We scored a Groupon to see Tracy Morgan stand up.
 That's Tracy Morgan. The bright white blob on the stage. 
He was hilarious and so inappropriate and wrong.

 All the student doctors at Marshall's work leave at different times so the goodbyes have started.
One of the adult doctors took everyone out to eat for a farewell dinner.
We went to a place called Big Cheese Pizza.... um, yes please!
These 5 girls.
 They are a big part of why I am going to miss this place so much. 
It reminded me of what having girlfriends to hang out with all the time is like!

The hospital Marshall is at is one of the biggest eye hospitals in the country. And the best! They take a lot of students every semester from all over the country so it allows us to meet people from all over!
The 2 girls staring and eating the pizza, from NJ and North Carolina (NC girl went to school with Marshall so we were already friends!)
These 3 girls with me in the picture, all from Canada!

So if you wonder what we have been up to. It's this.
 Enjoying these people and this place for just a little bit longer.


Monday, April 8, 2013

kayaking. check!

It has been on our Miami must do list to go kayaking and we just haven't gone. 
Last weekend we finally checked that off our list!

We headed to Oleta River State Park which is right down the road from us!

We started off in these dirty smelly mangroves

 But quickly paddled our way to the bay with all the big boats!
 We had to ride tandem style because I am too weak and too uncoordinated to go alone.
Plus, having Marshall do all the work meant I could just do this for a while...
Until I felt lame and would help. But every time I made Marshall let me paddle for us I automatically went right. Every time. How does one go straight? My arms and paddles have a disconnect.

 After that we tried out their little beach.
 The hoodrats were in full force at this beach. 

Yay for accomplishing something on our must do list before we move!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a lighthouse and a view.

A few weekends ago we headed down with some friends to Key Biscayne to check out a really old light house and a different beach for once.
 It's a smaller beach, and has a toll bridge and a beach entrance fee but it has this fun lighthouse you can climb up!
 Ahhh... I am going to miss this!
If you're visiting Miami it's worth the trip, the views on the other side of the lighthouse you can see downtown Miami, but between the clouds and the sun my pictures didn't turn out.

Oh well. I have my brain pictures to remember that...


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HBD Baby Blake!

I should have my blogging rights taken from me. I am no good.

I'm going to photo dump on you all. 
Last weekend we drove up to Jacksonville to visit my cousin Amber, her husband and their adorable baby boy Blake. He was turning ONE and we wanted to be there to celebrate!
I wrote about the day she gave birth here...
She's my teeth twin. And basically by brain twin. 

Photo dump away!
Thanks Peeps and Tom for letting us hang out and celebrate the birth of Blake!