Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I would like to take a moment and remember something that was so near and dear to my heart that will be missed.


The network pulled the plug on this brilliantly (?) written teen drama.... again.

It was off the air for what felt like forever, then came back for a short season so really this is just twice as hard. Twice the blow. What a tease.

Last summer when Cathy came to visit we watched the first season on Netflix. Other than her, I didn't know another person that watched MIOBI. 
So it actually makes sense that it's canceled. I know Cathy is feeling the pain, we've already talked about it.

It wasn't a completely awful show...

DJ Tanner  was the good Christian role model for the girls, and even Stacey from The Babysitters Club  had a role this season as the nutritionist. ABC Family tried so hard, good eating habits AND a Christian with good morals who wouldn't have sex with the "hot" coach (he had awful hair). Come on network ratings!

Oh, but I'm going to miss these fake gymnast girls doing fake flips on my TV. We shared the same dream, being an olympic gymnast. I quit when I was younger, these girls just got canceled.


p.s. this post was half kidding and half totally serious. Don't judge me for my awesome television preferences. It gets better and worse from this.



Marsh said...

RIP Lauren.

Cathy said...

Please let the rumors of a TV movie be true. It's so fitting. London 2012!

PS - Marshall, you always knew that Lauren was truly good. Sorry that I judged your favorite character in the first season.