Sunday, March 4, 2012

Junk Yards 101

Our Sunday started out normal.
We went to church, that was normal.

And then it got not normal.

Since living in Philadelphia, Marshall's car has had a few attempted break ins. They never actually got in, good job Honda, but they definitely tried. One person tried to get into the trunk with a screw driver so now we can't use our key to open the truck. Another person tried to highjack our car through the door, so when we go through the car wash or it rains you get wet.

Well now we are out of that crazy place and in a much more civil environment, Arizona.

Did you know that you can go to a junk yard and get what you need for cheap!?
Probably most people knew this, but I had never been. And apparently there is the biggest, nicest, most organized junk yard in Arizona right by us! Technically they are called "Pick and Pulls".

This is how it works.

You pay $2 to enter, felt like an amusement park immediately.
You get stamped so you can come back ALL DAY.

You tell them what you are looking for.

And they look up in their organized computer system where those cars are located. They print it out for you and send you on your way.

You also have to bring your own tools.

They give you a map because this place is huge.
And then it's just a free for all to find what you need.

I was not really prepared. I was also the only girl there. The regulars were looking at me like I was crazy. Marshall wasn't really prepared clothes wise either (he has been to places like this before though). I saw one man with knee pads, gloves, bandana, hat. We clearly were out of our league. We just left church!

So we walked around, found like Hondas, tried to salvage what was left of the car.

I said it felt like these cars were cadavers,  their bodies donated to science. And every once in a while you would find something that belonged to the previous owner.
Red Bull in the engine. Not sure about that....

The car that we took the weather stripping off of belonged to Gerardo. He worked at Subway.

This one drank Big Gulps.

Arizona Cardinals fan pride.

I love a good square hamburger too.

Planters Nuts. Who doesn't love nuts?

We spent a good hour out in the sun, getting a nice little sunburn (my knees got burnt because that was only thing showing on my legs), left super dusty and dirty, and we had a great time picking and pulling parts off of cars.

When we went to check out I found another goldmine. 
The Thrift Store.

Everything that isn't trash that was found in the cars when they were brought in they have it all set up inside.
As if this place couldn't get any better, it did.

And then I awkwardly asked the guy to take our picture because I was a junk yard virgin.
Marshall said I made their day because only dirty men go there.

And $8.11 later we made it out with enough parts to hopefully keep the loser car stealers away until we get back to Philly for them to do it again.



Hannah Lesley said...

The last picture is definitely my favorite! I love that you made him take your picture. I would have done the SAME thing:)

emily said...

This sounds like such a fun adventure! I've never even heard of such places! Glad you shared.

Bethany said...

This sounds like my kind of adventure! I'm so glad you were not too chicken to ask the guy to take your photo. I love little pieces of other people's lives left behind and the idea that these cars are like cadavers donated to science. I'm definitely on your same brain waves!