Friday, July 30, 2010

just your normal friday night

The hot dog cart made another appearnce.
This time for money!
A local church bloc party
It was a full family event.
(Momma Lynn is behind the camera)

And it made us all a little bit sleepy.

Feeding the town of Stillwater, one hot dog at a time.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

to infinity and beyond

Summer is hot. And sometimes you just need to soak.

My tiny nephew Jett inspired me.
I want one too. Look how much fun he is having in that tiny pool.

I acquired one also...
I'm going to share it with Jett.
It's like the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World. It comes with water guns to shoot down the aliens.

I really need a life.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Reeves know how to party

I was vacuuming when the doorbell rang.

My first thought. Marshall!

My second thought. I didn't have one.

Since Marshall IS in the middle of summer school in Philly I KNEW he wouldn't be the one behind the door but I had NO idea this would.
He sent me flowers since he couldn't be there. Best BF ever? I think so.

We cleaned, We cooked, We got set up. Alright maybe my mom and dad did more of that prep work than I did.
But we were ready to party.
Let the festivities begin.

Thomas Tower showed up. He also grew up in the year that I was gone. WTH?

I haven't had a hot dog in a VERY long time so you can imagine how excited I was that Junior's Curbside Grill set up shop for the party!
My family is the coolest. I'm just saying.

It was such a blessing to have people drive hours to be there. It meant the world!

The Smith's came and brought the kiddos. Now Ryan gets my vote on Tuesday.
I would babysit her anytime.

And Ashley since I know you are reading this I'm not lying.

Friends. How much I have been missing you all.

After we all dominated the dogs it was time for the usual Reeves yard games.


Bocce Ball!

And there was apparently a Rush party that was taking place.

My little baby girls.

My futures came to see me. How thankful I am for them!

I love sitting, relaxing, and chatting.

Why can't that be my job?

After everyone headed home, we headed out.... It has been a very very very long time since we have all been together in STILLWATER. It was just like old times.
Yup. Just like old times.

Thank you to everyone who came from out of town, or brought your kids, or drove a few blocks. I wish I could have sat and chatted longer and get caught up on the last year of our lives. But soon we will. You all mean so much to me and I wouldn't have been able to do what I did without your prayers and support. Knowing you were back home praying for me made all the difference especially in the difficult times.

I can't wait till the next Reeves backyard bash.


Friday, July 23, 2010

baby pools

They don't have swimming pools in China... Maybe they do... but I'm going to say no they don't.
Either way I haven't been in a pool in a very long time.

And summer is half over.

Today I went with Teri to take Jett to the pool.
Swimming with a baby at the pool doesn't exactly equal relaxing.

But it does equal entertaining.
I can't wait to show these pictures to him when he is old and tell him he used to stick his entire hand in his aunt's mouth and try and pull her teeth.

Oh and the occasional boob grab.

After being felt up by my 9 month old nephew I headed into work....
Ha... yeah right.

Tomorrow. WE PARTY!