Thursday, April 19, 2012

I went almost 26 years without a trip to the ER

For those of you that follow me on instagram or Twitter then you saw that I had a little visit to the ER last night. Well I wouldn't be me if I didn't document it.

This was my first visit to the hospital besides my own birth and visiting others. So this was a big deal.
Let me give you a little background info...

Starting in the morning there was a sharp shooting pain in my back that every time I tried to breathe (which is all the time) it hurt. a lot. My breaths got shorter and the pain got worse. And that was when I threw up. I eventually called my doctor back home at around 4 pm who told me that it could either be really bad or nothing at all. He was concerned it was the really bad option because of the medication I'm on (no babies here, birth control is my bff). But we needed to rule out the really bad, so I needed to go to the hospital. 
He knows I am a hypochondriac so for him to send me to get it checked out I knew I actually had to go. 

I knew there was an Urgent Care down the road, my aunt was in a meeting and couldn't answer her phone, and Marshall had a patient so couldn't answer. So I went there.

I wish I would have eaten, because the rest of the night was just a long night of waiting around.

I did take photos...  because I wouldn't be me if I didn't document my experience. I will warn you, I look very happy and carefree in these pictures, but actually I am in pain and I tend to make jokes when I am nervous.
So here I am at Urgent Care. Wondering why they call it  "Urgent Care" when clearly no one is urgent or cares.
They barely asked me any questions, and were just rude to me. 
I peed in a cup, they took a chest x-ray, and did an EKG test.
They finally came back and told me that I needed to go to the ER by ambulance for a CT scan. I refused the ambulance because it was literally 6 miles and what do I look like? A money machine? After I refused the ambulance they just got meaner.

Marshall drove me to the hospital where we waited and waited again. They took another urine sample (it's a good thing I have a little bladder), another EKG test, and drew blood. And then we waited again.
They finally came bak and said after the blood test, I needed a CT scan. Duh. 
So they moved me rooms and gave me an IV
This was my first IV. And RN Jim did a great job, he was also missing his middle finger. Which is awesome.
My Aunt Nancy couldn't look.

For those people that know how sweaty my hands get you wouldn't believe how bad they were when that IV was going in. I have a VERY low pain tolerance.

That is sweat. Barf.

I did have my own television so it really wasn't that bad. If only I had the DVR...

They finally came and took me for the CT scan. They explained they were going to shoot iodine in my IV and that it would feel like the inside of my body was on fire and it would feel like I was peeing my pants. They were not lying. I had to check to see if I was in fact peeing my pants. It was kind of awesome.  I also said it felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy and they didn't appreciate the reference, but they did laugh. *remember, first time at a hospital besides visiting others.

We waited another hour before the doc came in and gave us the results.
I'm okay. It wasn't the really bad stuff, but still not so sure what it is.
I was told to take it easy for the next couple of days... um... Megan is coming in less than 12 hours, we have a trip to the Grand Canyon planned, and I want to go to spin class! 
However as I write this, I don't think I can go to spin...

I realize that so many people go in and out of there every day that don't get good news like we did. I pray for those sick and in pain, real pain. Not my silly pain.

He wrote me a prescription for some meds and we headed home, at 1 am.
Marshall was incredible during the whole thing. He knew I was nervous and scared and he was such a great support. I'm so lucky to have him by my side.

And a big thanks to my Aunt for being there too. It meant a lot to me, and I know it meant a lot to my mom!


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Kara said...

Scary stuff, Friend! Are you still in a lot of pain?