Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I love that I haven't been able to catch up on any other TV because I must watch the Olympics every night.

The closest I've ever come to being at the Olympics....
 My besties ,when they visited me in China, we went to the Bird's Nest in Beijing.

China teammate, friend, and fellow Oklahoman Kylie and I hugging an Olympic panda in our city in Qinhuangdao.

I love all things Olympics all the time!
One day, I'm going for real


Sunday, July 29, 2012

more hugs and more blocks.

I only got to hang out with the boys for about an hour before they had to nap and we had to head to the airport.
 We got as much playing in as we could.

And of course, I had to document Jett "loving" his little brother.

I'm so glad we got to meet little Pryce and could document the first few days of his arrival. Hopefully next time he sees us he remembers us! 

It was a quick trip but we had to get back to Denver... so we can move again.
We move in less than 2 weeks back to Philly. That's nuts!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

stripes, planes, and hugs.

We headed over in the morning to see the kiddos.
They were playing outside in their PJs looking cute.

 I love much they want to do exactly what the other is doing.
Pryce was eating an orange, then Jett wanted an orange.
Except the hugs... Pryce isn't ready to wrap his arms around Jett and give him a big kiss yet. 

They are like little twin babes!
I love the looks they give each other!

We headed back over to their house after they had all rested.
The big boys went out to the airport to check out Papa Chop Chop's new plane.
Jett seems so grown up to me now. Maybe it's the whole big brother role, but seems more like a grown up toddler!

The rest of these pictures make you kind of dizzy. 
They match. 
The pic where Pryce looks like he is in pain kills me.
It's so funny.
Teri was holding Pryce and then Jett wanted to hold Pryce. 
And then tried to hug him.
His hugs look like strangles.

He's a lover.


Friday, July 27, 2012

noodles and a blue polo.

I was pumped about getting to hang out with Pryce and Jett and watch them get to know each other. And hopefully have Pryce get to know and remember me for the next time I'm home.

Everyone was exhausted from traveling and trying to adjust so we spent some time before nap time and before bedtime hanging out.

And warning, there are going to be an overload of cuteness the next few posts. But family and friends need them!
Pryce didn't want to change his clothes so he spent his first few days in America in this polo. I personally love his striped PJ and polo look. 

Being the awesome Asian babe that he is, he loves rice and noodles. And watching him eat noodles was pretty entertaining.
He doesn't chew them. Just sips them up like a drink and down they go.

Jett wanted to eat noodles too.
So Pryce showed him how it's done.
Jett's method is pretty awesome too. And watching them eat noodles next to each other was precious.

He already loves his Mia.
She was also holding his rice bowl, so he really loved her!

Uncle Marshall was a kid favorite. 
Jetters was putting eye drops in his eyes.... how fitting.
He would build the blocks and then they would come and knock them all down. 
Oh kids, it's so fun to destroy things!

But probably the best part was watching Jett love Pryce. And watching Pryce push Jett away with his little squeal cries.
Jett loves his little brother. He would go up to him, pat him on the head and back, hug him, give him a kiss and say "I wuv you Pryce", and Pryce would just sit there with this confused look on his face and then push him away.
So sad. But so cute.
But they love to play together. Pryce follows him around and does whatever Jett does. 
The Jett and Pryce Duo is coming together.

So blessed that I got to be home for the first few days.

Next post: .... more pictures....


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome Home Pryce!

Marshall and I both flew to Oklahoma on Thursday to meet the new little man. They weren't landing until 10 pm so we got to hang out with Jett all day!
He looks happy in this picture, but he was actually sick and really missing his parents. 
Poor guy.

But finally the time came for us to head to the city (Oklahoma City for all you none Oklahomans) and welcome Aaron, Teri, and Pryce home!

I honestly didn't take many pictures of the arrival. I was overcome with excitement.
But, my amazing incredible wedding photographer, turned real life friend Amanda Watson wanted to come and be there.
I let her snap away. Thanks again, Amanda! It meant so much that you were capturing everything!
Shout out: If you need a photographer, She is the best. 

We all waited in anticipation.
Savannah and Paula Jackson made signs.
Go USA! 

Jett was exhausted. It was way past his bedtime and he wanted his mama.

And then finally, they were here!
Jett went running to them, tears started flowing from all over, and Pryce didn't know what to do!
Jett immediately started hugging Pryce, touching his head, kissing him, and Pryce unsure of what was going on and why his mama was holding another kid, was not into it.

Teri had told me when we skyped them in Korea, "Pryce loves Puffs, if you give him some he will be your best friend". Obviously, I want us to BFFs so I brought banana flavored buffs with me. I busted those things out and it was a game changer.
They were instantly bonded over the puffs. They were sharing and laughing, they were feeding each other, they were happy. 
And I was happy, because one day I'll remind them about the puffs and who they came from...

 It was the start of the Jett and Pryce duo.

Pryce is having a lot of firsts here.
One of which, is a car seat. He screamed, and cried, and did not like it. 

But Jett being a good big brother showed him how to do it.

And his parents said he was asleep in no time.

Welcome Home Pryce! We have been waiting for you for too long!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pryce meets his parents!

The moment that we have all been waiting for....

My bro and sis-in-law have been in Korea for a few days taking care of last minute details and they finally got to meet their child and take him with them!! They skyped me last night and I was a mess! Pryce was sound asleep on the bed and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

I can't wait to see him in real life! I hear he is pretty active, Jett has someone to keep up with him now!
For a few more pictures head over to their blog, The Reeves, and leave them some love!


Monday, July 23, 2012

2 brews, 2 wines, 1 weekend.

Our weekend was an impulsive weekend full of breweries and strange strip mall winery visits.

Saturday we went to Oskar Blues, a local brewery outside of Boulder.
We had a tour and a tasting, ate peanuts and watched kids play pinball.

 Sunday after church we grabbed our roommate and decided to do a tasting and tour at Boulder Creek Winery
p.s. Marshall and I look like we are wearing the same clothes, but we aren't. We apparently don't like to make decisions and just go with what we know works.... coral for me, gray and khakis for him (is it sad that he owns multiple plain gray tees?).

We decided to keep the wine flowing and we went to Bookcliff Vineyards for another tasting.
These places are in weird strip malls and industrial looking buildings. But it works and it's fun. We got try all kinds of wine and figure out what we like. I wish I were a winey person like my parents but I don't really know what tastes good and what doesn't.

It also just so happened that there was another brewery next door, Upslope Brewery, so we stopped so the boys could have a sample and we played some games.

From this post we look like alcoholics. We aren't. 
We are trying to fit local treasures in before we leave in 3 weeks!

And then we finished the weekend with Kendra and some Jef and Emily love watching.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Blog!

Sooooooo I have something pretty exciting to share with you all!
Do you all want more Heidi? Well, you're in luck.

We, Kendra, Sam, Valerie, and I have been doing some collaborating and decided to start another blog, friend style.  

It's fun and random and that's the best combination.
So you should add us to your reader, follow us, and join the party.
You won't be disappointed.

 -------------> All of the Stuff <-------------


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bowling and Burgers.

When I went home to surprise my family last week I also went to a surprise birthday party, and actually decided last minute to drive back so I could go to the party!

My parent's good friend, Paula, was having a birthday and her husband and daughter wanted to surprise her with something different. Her husband, Brad, wanted to go to bowling and eat at the bowling alley. I honestly haven't been to the bowling alley in my hometown in years and I can't remember the last time I actually ate there. No one actually  eats there. But Brad, said they used to have the best burgers in town. And I don't pass up a burger, so I was down.
I love hanging out with my parents and their friends.
I hope one day I can be as cool as all of them.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Pryce is coming home!!

It looks like I will be heading back to Oklahoma next weekend.
And I couldn't be happier!

For those who know me, or have been reading for a while, you know that my brother and sis-in-law are adopting a sweet baby boy from Korea. It is a process that took forever but it is almost over, 1 more week!

They found out who their child was in April 2011. I posted about it here. 
This was the first picture they saw of their chubby precious baby. He is with his foster mother.
 They decided on the name Pryce. 
I wrote in my post that they still had to wait 4-9 months until they would be able to travel to Korea and bring him home. That was 15 months ago... 

Every few months they would receive new pictures and a short update on how he was doing.
He turned one September 18, 2011 and his foster mother dressed him in the traditional Korean wear (or so I'm told!).

I can't imagine as a parent what they (and all the other waiting parents) were feeling knowing they have a child they can't take home. It has to be heartbreaking. 
I know it was heartbreaking for me and I am his aunt.

I love him so much already it's nuts!
And I love this outfit so much! 
Capri overalls, multiple long sleeve shirts with a short sleeve over is totally awesome.
I hope they bring this home.

Next Thursday they land back in Oklahoma with their son. I will be at there with a box of kleenex and a camera. I know Pryce will have no idea who we are, but it won't matter! He is already loved more than he will ever know. I can't wait for him to finally be with his family.

Please keep them in your prayers. They will travel Thursday to Korea and stay one week. Also pray for for my new sweet nephew's transition, his whole world is about to change... Also little Jett's...