Monday, August 30, 2010

Nightmare in Stillwater

I paid a visit to the Stillwater Antique Mall today. I left with this queasy feeling in my stomach.
And this is why...

Kori, you would have cried a little bit.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm the cool aunt

If anyone were to read my blog without knowing me they might think that the cute babe that is constantly showing up here is my own offspring.

But no. I am just the aunt. A very proud aunt.

I will teach him things as he grows up...
like how to play the tiny child piano and make sure everyone's attention is on you.
step 1. just hit the keys. step 2. just be cute.
(it looks like he is wearing a dress but his onesie isn't snapped)

and of course... the "that's what she said." He wouldn't be a true Reeves if he didn't say it.
(btw, MY grammy got this for him. if you know my grammy you shouldn't be surprised)

p.s. shout out to Cathy aka Mathy
She came to visit me in Stillwater. We went to the pool, and ate din with my crazy fam, and then we forced her to stay and watch BB with us.
It felt so good to have a friend!
(this picture is super old. but somethings never change between us)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

this is what we do when jett comes to hang out

Babies are so lucky.
They get to bathe in kitchen sinks.

p.s. this is his first kitchen sink bathing experience, and it was a good one.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

baby exercise

I've been busy this week.
Jett and I are learning to exercise.

And this takes up 3 evenings a week.
Why did these houseguests have to show up in my house?

I blame my family for my newest addiction.

I've also been working. blah. not fun.

p.s. Kara and the gang are back in China. She has blogged a few times and I have cried a little everytime I read her blog. I miss China. And the funny pictures and stories it produced.


Monday, August 23, 2010

don't hate me blog world

I have been neglecting the blogosphere world the past week.
Marshall was home, and that meant I dropped everything I was doing and I followed him around like a puppy.

What? I missed him.

We went to his parents house in Owasso for the week and had such a great time doing nothing! And nothing is hard to blog! Some days I didn't even take 1 picture! Shocking I know.
Recap of the week...

We tried to get in as much pool time as we possibly could. And an awkward self-timered picture.

We watched the homosexual dogs wrestle each other.

Marshall found this cowboy hat in his brother's room....
I think the cowboy hat/sunglass combo makes him look like he is a reality tv star..... if only....

We got to hang out with his niece Addie...
Yeah, it took her a while to get used to Uncle Marshall! Maybe it was the hat!

And then one day he said "let's go, we're going on a day date" I love how he continues to woe me.
Don't worry. It's root beer, it was a day date people, not a night date!

And before I knew it we were headed back to the airport. Sad.

All we ever do is go to the airport and hug goodbye.

Until next time Walker.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

sad day

I didn't take any pictures today. And today was a really fun today.

This morning....

My family came over.
For breakfast/lunch.

There was inappropriate table talk.

And we all laughed and laughed.

We continued that laughing and watched a movie.
Seriously hilarious.

Then it was time to hug and say goodbye to Marshall.

It was time for him to go see his family.

My parents and I met his family for dinner. Because really when are we ever in Oklahoma at the same time? Hardly ever.

After a delicious meal at Red Rock Canyon Grill, it was time to head to Marshall's home.

Apparently it' s a great place to call home.

Who needs a camera when you have google images?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

classic dog

Junior's Curbside had an event. A big ol' hotdog event.
It was hot.
But we braved the heat. Okay, Lynn, JR, and Aaron braved the heat. Marshall and I just went for a dog and left....

We left and went to the pool.
Where the kiddo was waiting for us.

Mia came to join us.
He loves hats. And he loves pictures.

Jett has a new game.
You throw the ball to him.

And instead of throwing it back to you.
He does this.

What an interesting kid.

When we lived in our old old house a family lived next door. They had 3 little girls all younger than me who were my best friends, a dalmatian named Sadie who loved to play with Mocha, a dad who loved to play golf with my dad, and a mom who had a ton of inside jokes with my mom. The Enix family moved to Colorado when I was in the 5th grade and I thought my world was over. Tonight their middle child Elaine got married in OKC.

He flew all the way to Oklahoma and we make him go to a stranger's wedding. What a guy!

It was so fun to see the girls and how much they have grown and changed, and how much they have really stayed the same sweet little girls! (I have no pics of the wedding because my father the PAPArazzi was all over that part)

But since we didn't know anyone but the bride we felt a little bit like wedding crashers.