Thursday, February 23, 2012

we almost made it.

Last night I got to go on that walk I wanted... 
But it was to a gas station.

We ran out of gas.

Conversation in the car moments before we run out of gas...
me: I've never ran out of gas
marshall: then I hope we run out
3 seconds later, we lose power steering and coast into a neighborhood.

We walked 4 very long blocks, purchased some ridiculously expensive gas and a gas can, and walked back to the car.
This horrible pic was taken on my phone. I didn't know we were going on an adventure or else I would have grabbed my camera before we left the house. Also a jacket and closed toed shoes. We were not dressed appropriately. Phoenix is hot in the day, but still chilly at night. Next time, I will be prepared. 

We could have easily called my aunt to come save us, but we knew it would be a better memory if we walked ourselves shamelessly to the pump. 


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Marsh said...

Can honestly say I've never had so much fun running out of gas.