Saturday, April 7, 2012

tramps tramps and more tramps.

So... let's cut to the chase. 

Our storage auction was a bust.
And that's all I have to say about that.

But the TRAMP park was another story.

Top 3 best things about the place.

1. It smelt like a bowling alley/skating rink/childhood memories.
2. There were kids who could school us in dodgeball and tramp skills.
3. We got to jump on trampolines with as many people as we wanted.

I will warn you. Most tramp pics are blurry. My bad.

My personal favorite was the basketball hoops.
 Who says white boys can't jump?

 The only time I will ever be able to reach the rim.

There was a foam pit.
I found myself throwing foam squares at the kids.

There was freestyle jumping.

 I channeled my inner gymnast. 
Make It or Break It style.

There was also group self-timered jumping pics.

Thanks to these babies...

 I won't get any nasty feet warts from the tramps.
plus, I got to sport my Theta for lifetime motto...

There were dodgeball games.
 We apparently were playing with the little little kids for a while until the employees made us leave and play with the 14 and older kids.

That's when I took a break. Those kids were scary.

I hung with this girl. She was fearless. Her dad works there so I'm guessing she is a regular. She loved the purple dodgeball. She would walk onto the court, find the purple ball, and just stand there.
I would just hide in the corner until the kids took me out with their power and skill.

 And I pretended to be a pregnant dodgeball player.
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.

We took a few videos for our memories, and your viewing pleasure (mom and dad, I think you are the only ones who watch my videos).

First we have this tiny little dude. He was a show off. But he also comes everyday so he should show off. He would just flip and flip and flip, flip on his head, off the walls,  and then make fun of us when we couldn't do it. But he loved us. And we loved him.

Next a dodgeball game on the kids court. Not that exciting, but just a little taste of the madness. I also had no idea Marshall was filming, I look like a crazy person, and Marshall yells at me for holding the ball.

And lastly, a foam pit race. I apologize for my butt taking up the majority of the screen. Marshall was filming... typical. 

Tramp Parks are exhausting, make your body ache, and honestly smell.
I guarantee none of those kids are feeling the back pains like we are today!
If you have the chance to experience a tramp park, do it.  It was well  worth our Groupon bucks.

Can I say tramp one more time. Tramp.



the plaid sparrow said...

1. The "tramps" look like so much fun. I'm jealous.
2. Your commentary is always appreciated. Srsly. I am always busting a gut while I read your posts. ;) Thanks girl.

much love, colie

Brittany said...

I watch your videos. And I love them. I'm also currently wearing my birthday Theta socks as I write this. :) Love you!

Valerie said...

I have good news for you: My friend Rachel recently went to a tramp park in Denver. You can continuing your tramping in your next location!

Ashley said...

did you love it?! so much fun right? my neck KILLED me the next day!! definitely do not remember that as a kid! when i went we had to wear these crazy gross (moist) space hightops! gross!!

PS - your tank top is ADORBS!

Heidi said...

Ashley- I am so impressed you wore moist shoes that didn't belong to you. That is dedication to tramping!