Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I fly.
The only way to fly.

The city of brotherly love.

Except it's boyfriendly love for me.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Since I will be out of town for Halloween, we had a costume showing tonight.
That's right. He's a dinosaur. An adorable dinosaur.
He's a child after my own heart. Dinosaurs rule.

And if you want to see a video that Teri took of me teaching Jett how they sound and move you can click here.

It's pretty life-like.


Monday, October 25, 2010

i miss all my friends. all the time.

I have experience in picking up my life and living alone, far away from family and friends. OKay, yes I had Kara and Tim and other people who are lame because they don't have blogs I can link to. And I am forever changed and blessed because of the friendships that formed in China.

But I know perfectly well what it is like to get on facebook and see pictures of all your friends together, or get a skype call of your whole family eating dinner together, or an email thread from your friends where you have no idea what or who they are talking about.
And it sucks.

But seeing and hearing these things helps you to feel closer to them even when you are far far away, and even when it makes you cry small rivers.

So today, I dedicate this blog post to Emily.

Not because she is all by her self with no one to talk. She has friends where she lives (they aren't us), But because she isn't here with us. And moving away is scary and she did it without a plan in sight! That takes balls. And she's got 'em!She's in Colorado, living in an adorable place, driving 30 minutes just to get a cherry limeade, and having the time of her life.

But we all miss her cute, tiny, unique self.
I came home from China, and a few weeks later she was gone.
Not Cool. I haven''t gotten my Emily-fix.
The holiday's need to get here so we can ALL play, close and far.

(how's that for a blog shout out?)

p.s. all photos are at least a year and a half old. sick.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

who cares if we win. we get to have a slumber party!

Game Day. We love game days in Stillwater. I know the outcome of the game wasn't what we were hoping for. But with us girls we are just happy to be together.

Cathy didn't get the memo about the pose for our creepy bench picture.
Our campus is beautiful in the fall.

I got to sit with Kori in the fancy seats.
All you can eat food, a fancy entrance, and your own personal cup holder for your margarita!
Thank you Kori!
This lady brought her OSU Snuggie. Her eyes kept closing during the game. The snuggie does its job.

The cart of course was out and open for business.
The crew.

It was chilly.
My dad is pretty great. He stays up till 3 am feeding drunk people!
This guy's brother is a fighter. Yes. A cage fighter.

Oh the things you learn sitting in lawn chairs on the strip!

I just love the days when my house is full of friends and food!
Until next home game!


Friday, October 22, 2010


OSU Homecoming... what a glorious event. Some say it's the biggest and best homecoming celebration in the nation. I would agree.

I don't actually have any pictures of the house decs this year, I didn't spend my life pomping away, like the 4 years I did in college. The fun of homecoming now are the friends you've been missing in your life. Man, I miss my friends.

The hot dog cart was in full force.
We sold dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs.

And it was cold. So we sold lots and lots of chili.

We spent our walkaround night walking around, running into old friends, catching up, laughing a lot, and missing college.

Oklahoma State University really does have the biggest and best homecoming celebration in the country.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's cool to match

If you ever go to China you will automatically notice the strange amounts of matching couples walking hand in hand down the crowded streets.
This is strange to most Americans. To the Chinese it is strange that it is strange.While I was in Beijing one day I decided to take pictures of the matching couples for a few reasons. 1.To always remember the brave men who put on the same shirt as their girlfriends or wives2. The shirts are just awesome.3. They always are taking my picture so now they can know how it feels.4.To try and convince Marshall that we needed to do this.Kara & Peter do it. And they are cool.
(Their shirts are technically Korean matching couples shirts so might be a little cooler than what I have found)

Anyways, I made Marshall a slideshow presentation from matching couple photo day in Beijing, emailed it to him while I was in Chiner, and hope that it convinced him how perfect we would look in matching shirts.

I remembered the other day about this and thought all 5 of my readers should enjoy. So watch. Enjoy. It's a few minutes long, but the outfits are worth it.
Matching Couples

And are you wondering if the elementary slideshow worked?
It did.
kind of.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

memories. sing it.

This week I have really been missing my old work. Don't get me wrong, I am loving what I do now, I'm pretty good at it! I get to work and see my family everyday, I usually get to see Jett everyday, and I can wear sweatpants if I want. Perfect.

But sometimes I just really miss my old stompin grounds in OKC. There was just something really special and unique about how we all worked together.

To be constantly around that much creativity and talent was inspiring for this left brain gal.
And I did get to see my boyfriend everyday all day. That was a huge bonus.

I hope everyone gets to experience a job like this (not the getting to work with your boyfriend part, although that does rock).

**photos taken at our Whitney English 2008 Christmas party**

p.s. i am aware that 2 out of the 3 photos have already been used on the blog. blah.

p.p.s to my fam who reads this. i do love my job.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

monster mash

I will be spending my halloween with these crazies in NYC.
Minus Abe of course.

I can't wait.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

a day of celebration!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Oklahoma sunset.
This sunset was the backdrop for a beautiful wedding.

A wedding that included

Lots of dancing.

Photo Opts.

And friends.

And love. There was a lot of love in the room last night.

Congrats girly fleet! You will always be Ashlie Fleet to us!

(ps I uploaded a photo album to the book because I took too many for one post. and who reads this thing anyways?)