Friday, May 18, 2012

recap time

I really can not believe that our time in PHX has come and gone. I was surprised by how much I loved  it and how sad I was to leave. Being a native Arizonan I knew it would be fun to be back where my entire family grew up and spent so many years. I just didn't expect to not want to leave.

So here is my 3 months in a nutshell. Or as my dear friend Megan said, from A to Z...

- I chopped my hair off right before driving to Phoenix.. not telling Marshall I was going to do so.
- I became a Downton Abbey fan and made a believer out of Marshall too.
- We ran out of gas and it was my first time.
- We joined the YMCA, took our first spin class and fell in love.
- I had my first junk yard experience.
- We discovered Original Burrito Company and will never be the same for it.
- Marshall took the first portion of his optometry board exam, 16 hours of testing!
- We drove to California for the first time and had so much fun in San Diego.
- My teeth twin had a baby!!
- HUNGER GAMES!!! That's all I need to say.
- We got lost hiking South Mountain and got killer burns.
- We went to our first trampoline park and partied like kids.
- We spent Easter in Tucson with family and friends!
- Marshall's parents came to visit and we spent an afternoon at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
- We did cacti interpretations at the Desert Botanical Gardens
- I went to the ER for the first time in my life.- 
-I saw an old lady wear a bra as a shirt.
- Megan came to visit and we went to the Grand Canyon!
- I channeled my inner Bear Grylls.
- We survived the Salt River float trip.
- I turned 26!
We are beyond grateful for my Aunt Nancy who gave up HER bedroom AND bathroom to us. We took over her house and she graciously let us! I think the reason I loved it so much in Phoenix was because I got to spend 3 months with her. Thank you auntie for everything! We love you!

We made great work friends turned real friends, found a church that we will continue to listen to online, and had a pretty cool roommate. Plus, we lived in a desert and Marshall saw a mountain lion in the neighborhood (I didn't, but that's awesome) 
ALL other rotations have a lot to live up to compared to this one.


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Ashley said...

what a great 3 months! look at all the cool stuff you've done! i think your gas and hair cut story are going to be my saturday night entertainment ;)