Sunday, November 13, 2011

my china people tribute

Recently I have been talking to a friend about my experiences in China. She is thinking of leaving everything, moving away, and having an adventure. I tell her, if she doesn't do it, she's crazy. Not even taking into account where I was, what I was doing, what I was seeing, the friendships that I made will last forever. And that was worth the trip. My team shared an experience with me that I can't even begin to describe in words. And they are the only ones who will really fully understand it all.

So hang with me, I'm going to take a trip down memory lane. And if ANYONE is out there thinking "I want to go, I need a change, I need to experience something outside of my comfort zone" Go. You will never ever regret it.
It's hard to believe that this picture was taken August 2009. The first group picture of our team during training, days before we left for China.

Seeing as how our city of 2 million people had what seemed like a handful of Americans, we were together a lot.
Birthday parties!  here and here... and other places I can't find!


 Football game while all the non Americans looked at us like we were crazy!

And all the other holidays I just can't find pictures of.

We traveled together.
Beijing. Many, Many times.

Hong Kong.

Thailand. and lots of other posts.

We celebrated an ENGAGEMENT
This girl's... who is not only married, but PREGGO now and still in China living the dream! I have asked Kara and Peter if I can have their child since they got engaged. Now, I have to stop, because she really is having a child...

We shared our lives together.
Awkward Chinese official ceremonies.

supporting the other schools!

Beach fun and Marshall is there!

Supporting our American friend when he was in a Chinese rock band...

Taking awkward pictures at our favorite restaurant with the owner lady.

My back home friends even were excited to meet them when they came to visit!

 We have gotten to celebrate and be together back in the states. 
 Tim and Kevin flew out to Oklahoma for Kara's wedding!
That's love.

And a few of us even got to get together during the 4th of July weekend this year.
East Coasters

 And this weekend I get to experience another amazing reunion. Kylie, my rock while in China, will be flying in for a few days! Yes, another visitor! 

Our room was right next to each other, we shared a kitchen, the only American girl at my school, and we even traveled on our holiday together for a month. We haven't seen each other since Marshall and I got married. (She is also from Oklahoma). We are pretty excited to catch up!

We will be driving to Baltimore on Saturday for Tim.
(photo taken in Tianjin)
Long story short...Tim has been living in China for what seems like forever,  he fell in love with this awesome Chinese girl, Michelle. They got married in May, but have been waiting for her Visa to be approved. He left China in June and they have been apart ever since. Well good news!
(photo taken at our World Cup watch party in China)
Her visa has been approved!!

Oh Joyous day! I can't even imagine what it's like to be away from the love of your life for that long... wait. Yes, I do. It's awful! So this weekend they are having another wedding for their American peeps.
And this one is my date! (Marshall has clinic)

(mustache photo taken in Oklahoma)
I can not wait to see these people!! We tend to have a lot of fun together!
We are trying to make Jessica and Justin, the married ones, come up from North Carolina.. it's just a few hours! 

The point of my ridiculously long blog post is about these relationships. I never really thought I would see all these people after leaving China. But I can't imagine my life with out them. We don't talk everyday, but we email, read each other's blogs, creep on facebook, and have mini reunions when we can. They are so special to me.  I didn't realize how much they would make an impact in my life.
Our last group pic. You can see the love a lot more after a year together.


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