Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures with Robin

Since we still have not started our classes we needed to do something to get us out of our rooms. So we turned to Robin for a little local entertainment. We wanted something outside, a hike perhaps?

We got bundled up (even though it turned out to be really nice)

Robin talked to the taxi driver

He didn't like what he was saying.

And we headed to our mystery adventure day? We were not headed towards a part of town we have ever seen.

Robin was taking us to this graveyard/great wall wannabe/hill place. He didn't actually know if it was open to the public. But we tried anyways.

This man in the big sweatshirt coat wouldn't let us in.

And you think that is going to stop Robin?

"I have done this before, we will get in" he says.

"We will hike around the wall" he says.

And so the journey began...
We stopped for pictures.

And we journeyed on.
Next to the "Great Wall" as Robin kept calling it.

We saw QHD differently from another perspective.

Robin did some thinking.

Kylie did some thinking.

Kevin did some thinking.

I, however did not do any thinking. I took the pictures.

Robin was kind enough to break through all the thorny branches first.

Robin guided us to this rock on top of this giant hill mountain.

And we took pictures.

And more pictures.

We attempted the self-timered photo

But on the top of a hill with a small rock as the hot spot it was challenging finding something to set up shop at and be able to run throw the thorns in 10 seconds.

We managed to capture a moment.

This looks more like us.

Now that we reached the top, it was time to make our descend.

Back to the city...

But first, we had to sneak into the cemetery so we could leave.

Robin said "if you have lots of money then you can be buried here. But if not, you just need a box for your bones"

Rows and rows of stones.

And rows and rows of Christmas trees

This old man was creeping on us the whole time...
They put black and white pictures on the graves.

And they leave food and drinks for the dead...

We just walked..
The higher up the more money it costs to be buried here.

And the people who told us no we were not allowed, stared at us as we walked out the gates!

And since our taxi driver left we did not have a way to get back... and Kevin wanted to walk...

So we walked for about an hour...

Until we found a bus that could take us back to our home

And pretty soon this peaceful campus will be full of Backstreet Boys hits blaring at 6:00 pm daily.

Now, off to find The Bachelor finale on itunes, download it, make a brownie in a mug, get Kylie and yell at Jake for picking that fun hater.


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