Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mexican food, American football, and Easter in China

After a great morning of remembering what today means, we prepared a Mexican feast.

Kara, Jessica, and Kevin were in charge of the salsa.

Justin and Tim were on tortilla chip making...
and beef duty.

Heidi was in charge of making tortillas.

And Kylie and I were on queso duty
We had the easy job... we just put it in the microwave and we were done!
Which let me do what I really wanted to do the whole time. DISHES!

And Kara brought dessert. The jelly beans say "He's Alive" how precious is she?

While we ate we jammed out to 90's hit on the guitar.

And played with Eggy.

The weather has been nice, windy and chilly, but still nice enough where you actually feel guilty if you stay inside. So they put their coats on, I put my tights on, and we got all the toys and headed to the lawn.
We decided on a friendly game of football. DD vs. ST. Kara was sitting the game out, and Tim was playing QB on both teams. Now if you know me, you know I do not usually partake in the football type games. But why not? It's not like I'm completely worthless, I used to play soccer, and I'm super competitive. So heck yes I was going to play. And I was doing it in a skirt and boots.

We started on the grass, but the sprinklers kept coming on, we think they were trying to tell us something... so we headed to the dirt. Which made it a bit more challenging.

It might look like all I did was have my picture taken...

But I played some football.

I would like to credit and thank Kara for her sports photography skills.

And in case anyone was wondering... I scored 5 touchdowns, and I dominated. In a skirt and boots. And if no one believes me, ask Tim! I felt like Karli out there today.

I could play every Sunday.

Team work makes the dream work.

He has risen!
Happy Easter!


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