Sunday, November 6, 2011

art, burgers, and wine

We needed a cheap days worth of events. All of this eating out and activities are getting expensive!
So we decided to spend the day not spending as much money, as being the key word.

We started with lunch.
 Mexican food can usually provide that cheap satisfaction feeling.

We walked around, drove around, hung around.
 I remembered that the first Sunday of the month was "pay what you wish" day at the Museum of Art. Well I wish to pay a quarter. Thank you.

Now if you know me, then you know museums are not my thing. Marshall took me to one on one of our first dates and it was a struggle to make it through. But this one was actually pretty fun.
I used the photos and people around us as photo opts.
 Awesome hair.

 Looks like Amish country.

This guy, oh this little Asian man, we followed him around for a bit.
He took pictures of EVERY item in EVERY room.
 I want to know what he is going to do with all his photos.

This bench was actually a piece of art.... we thought it was just a bench.

Tiny spectacles

 3 little indians.

We waited until the coast was clear before taking this picture, and then Marshall's mom walked around the corner and caught us! 

I kept telling Marshall to be the horse, I wanted to ride him...

We only had about an hour and half in the museum because we got there late so we missed a whole other half. Fine by me. Too much museum action and I'll loose my street cred.
 (i'm tweeting in this picture)

Outside the museum.

After, we made our way to Five Guys and dominated some burgers, hit up H&M, went home.
 Shared some pastries, opened a bottle of China wine and called it a night.

My body is not used to all of this interaction.


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Valerie said...

let's go back to this museum together.