Friday, November 4, 2011

do people choose to eat at 10 pm?

Marshall used to live in the Italian market area... an area much more... appealing to some. 
It has great restaurants, fancy cheese shops, pasta no one should be able to afford, and good cheesesteaks. 
We typically take everyone there when they come to visit. It's a must in our book.
 We walked around for a bit, ate some 'steaks, and showed them where Marshall used to hang when he was a single man. A committed, in a long distance relationship but not married yet man.

Marshall had to go to school so we took his parents up to school to show exactly what it is he does with all his time. This I am still curious about as well.
 Looking at the back of his mom's eyeball. 
How cute.

After Marshall went to class for about an hour, and then ditched the last 4 hours we did what I do pretty well.
 The boys were not as into it as myself.

we headed to Old City to eat dinner.
Turns out we are bad at making reservations in this city because we had to wait till practically 2 a.m. to get a table. 

Who knew the big city was so popular on a Friday night....
Maybe we should get out more often.

p.s. Momma Dianna has been taking lots of pictures but I don't have them yet to blog!


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