Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and I'm proud to be an American

Tonight we headed over to NDH for a few late hours of hang out time and to watch USA kick some butt. Tim and Kara leave for AMERICA tomorrow morning.
That means ALL of their crap has to be packed. And these 2 have been here a while, and are coming back, so they really had their work cut out.

We took a time out photo break with Tim's incredible USA gear.
If I owned this, I would wear it on the plane home.

Back to work for them.
We found ways to entertain ourselves while they worked.
Kevin sang some tunes.

I brought my computer over.So we could watch The Bachelorette! Justin and Jessica were so into it. I knew I could count on them. Tim was of course mocking it the whole time. But who cares.

Ali kicked off the mute awkward guy just in time for the game to start.

It was a beautiful deserved win and the best way to say goodbye.

I love The USA.

p.s. Random cry of the day: I was watching 24 season 8 and President Taylor said 1 sentence about Americans and I started to tear up. I'm a bit emotional these days. I love my country. And I'm leaving a country I love.


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