Saturday, June 5, 2010

a day of engaging

I was given a very big job this weekend. Take Kara's pictures. I have no knowledge, no skill, no experience. All I have is a fancy camera I have no idea how to use. But she trusted me. Scary. We figured we would get at least a few pictures to work with.

We took over 1,000. Most of them invloved Kara just cracking up at Peter, and Peter just smiling his precious little smile. They are in love. But we all knew this from day one.

The pics still need some PS work. But we had fun. That's what matters, right Kara? Fun.

We started out down by the beach in her red Korean inspired wedding dress.
You can't have a bridal shoot without the umbrella over the bride.
Creeper in the background is filming them. Way to be subtle dude. We had many creeps at the beach today. I guess a foreign chick in a giant red wedding dress isn't a normal Saturday sighting.

We snuck in some pics of our own.

The dress was beautiful, the bow tie classic, and the stares priceless.
Next stop, outfit change.
He was awesome the whole time. Posing them and holding all our stuff. Perfect man right there.

Matching Korean couples shirts.
And a random castle.

Next stop. Walking. We did a lot of walking.

This is their "we are tired" pose. Good work.

But they are just so darn cute we forgot about how tired we were!

We wore him out and he was hungry. So he ate himself a nasty hot dog wanna be. So proud of him.

We headed back to the beach for Heidi S's birthday celebration.
We took goofy pictures on the beach.

We ate BBQ on the beach.

Played football on the beach.

And had a bonfire on the beach.

Being with these people is good for my heart.

Thanks Kara for letting me take a couple of pictures of you and your man.
And going along with the silly poses.

Happy Marriage to You!



Kara Pyo said...

big smiles all around.
thanks for spending the day with us.

Jessica Schaffner said...

Okay, so I am not a stalker. I am Kara's friend from back home and I just wanted to tell you that you did such a good job with the pictures! They are so great and Peter and Kara look adorable! Great job!