Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kara's Day Of FUN!!!

Saturday was Kara's Day. We wanted to celebrate her engagement with lots of questions about the wedding planning, shopping for new clothes to meet the non-English speaking in-laws, and lots of laughing and squealing!

Much to our surprise the live creepy pandas happened to be downtown. It was as if they knew we were coming!

High Five Denied!

We went to the fabric factory/market place to have a coat made for Kara. This place is like Hobby Lobby

She had to pick out buttons for her fabulous new red coat!

We of course made Kara pose with the mannequin brides, even if those dresses make you want to throw up a little bit.

We couldn't resist walking into the fancy big wedding photography store to waste some precious Chinese time.

I found this huge picture on the wall. The pose on the man is what I admire most. Do you think I can get Marshall to do this one day?

We went for dinner at this North Korean restaurant, they sing and dance, and pretty much make you feel like you are eating in a dream world.

While we were enjoying the beautiful sounds of the pretty ladies, Kylie and I spotted a birthday table in the corner. There were 5 old men who were looking pretty swasted, the birthday man had a crown on. They pointed at us and motioned for us to come to their table.

Of course we did. When we got there they told us they were Korean. Well how convenient. KARA IS MARRYING A KOREAN. When they found this out their drunkenness must have really kicked in.

Because the tiny tiny small Korean man started to give Kara Korean money.

They cut us each a giant slice of their Chinese birthday cake and we went back to our tables to figure out how to make it look like we had eaten it. Chinese birthday cake is not American birthday cake.

Kara's Day Of Fun was fun. I can't wait for our next day to celebrate her engagement. I suggest once ever 3 weeks because I really enjoy the love.


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Cathy said...

I tried to post this on Kara's blog also, but it won't let me! I just want you to know that those are the most terrifying mascots I have ever seen. Why are they so disproportionate? And Mean! He (or is it a she with the padding and spaghetti straps?) wouldn't even high five Kyle! That's all. Loves you.