Saturday, April 3, 2010

speed walking internationals

Our teachers at DD had their Easter party today. I took advantage of all their hard work and brought some students along for the fun,

Meet my new besties. Martin, Fiona, Monica, and Ella.

The DD festivities included...

An Easter egg hunt with dyed eggs, and plastic eggs full of candy.

A live BUNNY!
This was a celeb bunny.
I even wanted my picture with him.
And then the B peed on me.

Xiao Fei was there!

And Oh the games! They brought me back.

Giant Leap Frog race
Look at that stance. He means business.

You can't have a party without an egg race.
The bunny... being a pretty hard ref.
Talented. Egg carrying and posing.
My girls won! Team Tiger! They rock.

And giant hoola hoop over the body holding hands race.
They did this so fast. I was impressed.

And then... the egg hunt....
It was insane. screaming, running, oh the excitement, oh the joy!
They came away with bag fulllls

It was a fun cold afternoon with friends!

And on the way home I found out that little Martin, she loves to speed walk. She said she races her friends. I LOVE TO SPEED WALK!!!! And then we raced. I might have found my Chinese soul mate.



Kori said...

That looks so fun! But where did the bunny come from? Is it someone's pet?!

Heidi said...

they "rented" the bunny....