Saturday, November 5, 2011

the Amish make good milk!

We have always wanted to go out to Lancaster and experience Amish country. So we decided to take our guests with us.
We drove through a town called Intercourse.
Seriously. Intercourse. I couldn't believe it. Can you imagine living in Intercourse? 

We saw lots of these. Lots of Amish hanging out, doing their business.

We made it to Lancaster and hit up their farmers market.
this lady was selling hot dogs.... the hot dog lady.
tiny little bottles of milk
We found tacos!
I couldn't help it. I had to buy the little tiny jug of milk.
Milk is my favorite beverage, and the state beverage of OKLAHOMA... and apparently almost every other state's beverage, including Pennsylvania.
Photo BOMB
Easy access to the milk....

We headed to some old antique stores
Too bad our wedding is over, I found lots of good wedding items.

We found a brewery on our way home, and if you know my husband and this blog, you know we always stop.
It's the sampler. I promise they are small glasses.

We had heard about this CRAZY corn maze on our way back to Philadelphia and we knew we had to check it out

We had a coupon for free corn with our admission...
Who doesn't love free corn!?

This place was intense.
It felt like an Amish amusement park.

We started our journey on the maze around sunset. We forgot our flashlights.
The corn was dead, and not as tall as normal because of the cold weather. But it was still sooo hard to get out of that maze.
We went through with this family that had 2 cool little kids, and flashlights!

.With all of our brains, and the employees who helped us cheat weFINALLY made it out! 2 hours later, and frozen!
It looks like we adopted a tiny cute little girl, she was apart of our group, and wanted to be in our picture!

We drove back to Philly, tried to watch the OSU game (but not on TV here) watched the Alabama/LSU game and read tweets about the Oklahoma earthquake and Cowboy win!

Fun, exhausting day. Soo glad we get an extra hour of sleep!


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-Sam I Am- said...

I'd give anything to get my hands on both the milk and those antique window frames.... such fun photos!